Friday, May 15, 2015

Lens review: T.TOP Fashion Gray (Sponsored!)

Hello hello! :) 

Yes, this is yet another lens review. Yes, it is the third one in a row. Pardon me. I've had a lot going on lately because I'm struggling to change schools so I've been running back and forth to talk to people and do paperwork. :C But things are looking up for me so yay! :) 

Anyways, on to the review! This post will be about the T.TOP Fashion Gray, which were very kindly sponsored by Klenspop. Thank you! <3 Remember to go visit their store at and check out their Facebook: Also for you Japanese people, there is Klenspop has circle lenses at affordable prices; especially in the brown and gray shades but they have plenty of other colors too! You can also buy make-up, lens cases and lens cleaners from them so make sure to check out the store. 

I found the T.TOP Fashion Gray really pretty, mostly because of their unique pattern and their subtle shade of gray. The bad thing is that I got pretty big comfort issues but I think I was unlucky with this pair. If you are lazy to read the whole post and just want a sum-up of the pros and cons with these lenses, you can scroll to the end. ;)

About the lenses, I was literally mesmerized by their design when I received them. I tried them on in the following days but I made sure to let them soak in lens solution for a full night before wearing them for the first time. I wore them to school and I immediately noticed that my vision was blurred. Reading was hard and straining, to the point that I wondered if the lenses were defective. The left lens was fine but the right one just blurred my vision, it was really uncomfortable.
I took off the lenses after two hours since there had been no improvement at all. I tried wearing them again on another day but the problem didn't disappear magically. I was getting pretty sad. All along I was really careful with storing and cleaning my lenses but it didn't help out. After three times wearing the lenses, I contacted Klenspop to inform them that I suspected my right lens to be defective. The answer they gave me was unclear so I decided that I would do the review as fast as possible and take off the lenses straight after. I was worried about this but I didn't experience any pain or physical discomfort; only the annoying blur. 

It's sad because I really like the looks of these lenses, pattern and color alike. I've been very much into gray lenses lately for some reason.

Let's get on with pictures though so that you guys will know why I'm going on so much about the lenses' design! ^-^ As usual the pictures are unedited so they show how the lenses look in real life. :)
Photographer: Shiro Samurai.

On my finger (duh), "wrong" side up.
This one was taken with the flash.
Information about the lenses:
Diameter: 14.1 mm.
Base curve: 8.5.
Water content: 38%
Lifespan: 1 year. (I'd recommend you only wear them for maximum 6 months.)

First, here are some pics taken indoors in different lights. My photographer and I apologize for the gray-ish light but there is no helping it: the sky has been covered in a thick layer of clouds these past days, and it's seemingly going to last. Even though it's finally spring, the weather reminds of autumn... :C

One lens in to show enlargement.
Natural room light (facing the window). But yeah, it's cloudy. :C
Flash photo.
Bathroom light.
Under white-ish light.
Fugly yellow light.
Now, outdoors pictures! I'm still sorry about the grayness. If anyone could lend me a giant fan to blow clouds away while I'm doing my lens review, it would be most appreciated. x)

Facing the little light there is.
Turning my back to the light.
Facing a corner. (still outdoors)
Facing the light again, but it was a bit brighter.
And some distance pics for you! I recently got this wig and I'm starting to like it seriously much. I never knew that snot green could look so good.

Behold my very expensive prop: a pink ball-point pen.

This was obviously taken indoors but oh do I love this light. x)
My legs are derp.
So what do you think about the Fashion gray? Do you prefer your circle lenses with a more natural pattern or with a fancy/fantasy pattern? Leave a comment to share your thoughts, and thank you for reading! <3
Once again, big thank you to Klenspop for sponsoring me! <3

In short: 

Color: 7/10
The color is subtle and doesn't always show very much. Then again, my eyes are mostly gray so the lenses blend easily.
Design: 9/10
 I love the design, period. I wish it would go just a little bit farther toward the middle of the lens because I can't get enough of it.
Opacity: 6/10
Oh that's a hard one. The beautiful limbal ring is very opaque but the gray color is sparse... hmmm...
Enlargement: 6/10
Fair enlargement, and they won't even come close to eating up your eyes.
Comfort: 3/10
Okay, comfort issues... as I mentioned before, I've had my vision really blurred to the point that it was a bother to read. I can't put a very accurate grade for comfort because the longest I could wear them was two hours... but as far as I could tell, they seem to dry out fast.
Naturalness: 6/10
These actually look fairly natural from a distance, but as soon as you take a closer look, the fancy pattern completely gives them away as circle lenses.

This says it all!
Bye-bye! :)