Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lens review: SeeShell Dizoneye Blue

Hi everyone! 
How are you doing? <3

Today I'd like to share eyes with you. Again. :) You don't mind now, do you?
I had been wanting some natural-looking eyes for a while. Actually, I even had problems in my school because of contact lenses! I had gone to school with a more gothic-ish look; I had dark clothes, black eyeliner and red lenses. (Actually, Lollipop Red. <3
Then I got a very bad reaction from my teachers, such as "Oh I thought you had an eye infection." or "How do you think people will react when you're at work?" "So creepy.". Everything was said in this negative, almost disgusted tone.
Excuse me? I love my red lenses, I think they are really pretty. And besides I'm not working yet, I'll be in school for like, forever! I thought that Sweden was a free country anyway... 

So this experience really dragged me down for a while. I had more problems with the school and kinda argued with a teacher so I thought that I should maybe keep a low profile so they don't kick me out. I'm really annoyed by this all because I feel like I have to sacrifice my personality to please others...

But enough brooding for now, on with the review! :)
Pictures are taken by Shiro Samurai. As usual, there is no editing so that pics show true colors. :)
First, bottle pics.

Diameter: 14.5mm
Base curve: 8.6
Water content: 42%

One lens in to show enlargement.
Then, my photographer and I went outside to take pics. It's still winter here and it was cloudy this day.

Facing the light.
Turned away from the light. (the sun is in my back)
Standing in a corner (still outdoors), facing the light.
In a corner, facing the wall.
At this point we rushed inside because the northern wind was blowing... believe me, it was cold. x)
So on with the indoors pics!

Facing the door's window in the staircase.
You know the door... that leads outside... it has a window right?
Sorry this is so clumsy. XD
Yellow light in the staircase.
Facing the window in the staircase.
We do have several windows in here. x)
White light in the corridor.
Flash pic!
It was of course taken in some dark corner. :)
Bathroom light.
Room light. For some reason I turned Smurfina blue...
In the apartment, facing the window.
No room light is on, this is just natural light.
Last but not least, I have a picture taken from a distance! <3
I think that even though the Dizoneye are natural, they show surprisingly much from a distance.
What do you think? :)

Yes I have a unicorn T-shirt. :)

In short:

Color: 7/10
Although these lenses are natural, the color shows surprisingly much. They make my eyes bright and clearly show as blue, yet without jumping at anyone who comes close. :)
Design: 8/10
Good design for natural lenses, it's simple like real eyes. The dark outer ring makes them a little more noticeable.
Opacity: 5/10
Not very opaque. They go hand in hand with my eye color I think.
Enlargement: 4/10
The enlargement is slight so it gives a natural look. But such a subtle enlargement also gives me pretty eyes without them looking too big (or looking too much like, you know, circle lenses). <3
Comfort: 6/10
They are comfy at first but start feeling dry sooner than most lenses I have worn. Just keep the eye drops at hand. ;)
Naturalness: 8/10
A little bit too vivid to be my real eyes but... close enough. :)

This is it for the Dizoneye Blue
Remember to check Shiro Samurai's review of the green ones... I know you will. ;) 
Bye-bye! <3


  1. I swear that the blue ones show up so much more than the green ones, damn! D:

    I think that these look great on you, they are just blue enough to show and be all pretty without jumping at anyone who notices them.
    You should definitely try out more natural lenses in the future! :D

  2. Its really sad that you got such comments from your teachers :/ most people here arent used to seeing others wearing circle lens or if you have a colorful wig on, it might be like that if its a smaller community you live in and it can be quit negative reactions but its really depends on where you live in sweden too, if you live in a bigger city it more uhm usual and plus ppl seems to care less, Idk I feel like it so where I live. Anyways I think these looks lovely on you and yea they really suit your eyes :D I have these in green I believe... x) Think i should make a reveiw on them *so lazy LOL*