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Lens review: I.Fairy Yuri Red

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I hope everyone is doing fine in this summer weather! ;)

I just want to say: Skecon summary is coming, but I'd like to cram in this review first, just for the sake of not having 2 lens reviews in a row. Like I've never done that before.
So lately I had been trying to wear lenses with a more "natural" look because I had had problems in school when I turned up with bright red eyes. Now I'm out of school, and so it's time for lenses that could never be mistaken for my real eyes! :'D For a while I had had a terrible crave for red eyes so I decided on the I.Fairy Yuri Red.
As usual, my photographer is the talented Shiro Samurai. <3

I.Fairy has these small and cute vials.
I realized pretty instantly that my eyes would probably not look crimson though, because the lenses had more of a ruby and violet color. It was fine with me; I was completely fascinated by the design of the lenses.

And so I popped them into my eyes! :'D I made sure to put them to soak in lens solution for a whole night before wearing them. 
Here we go! This is how it looks with one lens in. The enlarging effect is not huge but it's fairly good! Oh and please forgive my slaughtered make-up... this picture was taken after I had ripped off my false lashes, and the eyeliner went with. :'(

My natural eye color is some blue-ish gray.
The following pictures were taken indoors. As you can see, the lenses don't show as red despite the name; the red parts are dark red and the violet patterns are, well, violet. x') Their color doesn't really fit their name but I find them gorgeous nonetheless. 

Facing the window.
Bathroom light.
Room light with the lamp on.
Flash picture.
White light in the corridor.
Shitty yellow light in the corridor.
Shittier yellow light in the corridor. :(
And now some outdoors pics! :) It felt better to be outdoors because since the pupil hole is a bit small, I would see dark corners every now and then when I was in a dim light. It's not much of a bother though.

Facing the light.
Turning away from the light.
Standing in the shadows and facing the light.
Facing a corner.
Did I mention how I love that the outer ring of the lenses is irregular? I was really enthusiastic about this and it met my expectations just fine: unnatural but not horribly alien. ;)
Comfort-wise, I would say that these aren't the best but they are fine enough to be worn for several hours. They don't dry out too fast but they do have this slightly thick feeling in the eye. In others words, the comfort is okay but if you need very comfortable lenses to wear to a movie, you will definitely not pick the Yuri Red. (or your eyes will probably hate you)
Lastly, here is how the lenses look from a distance. I love my wig too. :'3
Please excuse my lack of facial expression.

In short: 

Color: 7/10
If you wanted red lenses, you will be disappointed. Otherwise, these have a beautiful mix of violet and dark red that reminds me of some precious stone. It's almost mystic. <3
Design: 10/10
Mind-blowing is the word! The pattern is unique with the irregular outer ring and the curved rays of violet among the red. <3
Opacity: 9/10
Your real eye color is almost completely covered, but some of it might show through the pupil hole.
Enlargement: 6/10
Slight enlargement, which fits the design perfectly in my opinion.
Comfort: 6/10
Like I mentioned, comfort is not the strong point of these lenses. A tidbit below average, I would say.
Naturalness: 2/10
No, I do not believe that these lenses could ever be mistaken for my real eyes. Unless it's very, very dark maybe. ;)

I think I've said it all about the Yuri Red! What do you think about them? Would you wear this kind of very unnatural lenses or do you prefer more discrete patterns? Leave a comment, it makes me happy! ;) 

Bye-bye! :)

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