Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lens review: Vassen Dori Blue

Hi people! :)

Here comes another of my lens reviews! I am a serial reviewer now. <3 not 
Lately I've been feeling like wearing blue circle lenses and the only blue pair I had at hand was my EOS Max Misty Blue... which I decided to throw away because every time I wore them, I had bloodshot eyes afterward.
So I really wanted some blue lenses that would be kind to my eyes instead. I found this pair, the Vassen Dori Blue (that also goes under the name Béuberry Sweet Eyes Blue) and I couldn't find any reviews of them. So I bought them with the intention: "Let's put them in my eyes and see what happens! :'D" I do this often.
Their base curve is the usual 8.6mm. I don't know what the actual diameter is because it's written as 16.0mm on and as 14.5mm on PinkyParadise. Same thing for the water content, one says 55% and the other says 42%. 
But let's move on to the review. :) First, pictures of the lenses in the bottles.
All pictures are taken by Shiro Samurai. They are unedited to show real colors. ;)

In the bottles.
The lens on the left shows "wrong" side.
Flash pic. The lens on the right shows "wrong" side.
On my finger. :) "wrong" side up.
I put them in lens solution and let them swim in there overnight. I then wore them on the 20th of October but took the pics on the 22nd because I didn't have time or light on the 20th. 
Here are the pics! :D

One lens in. Pay attention to the enlargement!
Taken outdoors, facing the sunlight.
Outdoors. I'm turning my back to the sun.
Outdoors. I'm facing the light, it got brighter!
Outdoors. I'm on the "shadow" side of the building now.
Still outdoors, facing the light. Sun is starting to set.
Taken outdoors with a cloudy sky.
Indoors, facing the light coming from outside. Flash pic.
Same as above but without flash.
Taken indoors, facing a window.
Indoors. Yellow lamp light. :<
Indoors. Flash pic.
Bathroom light.
Sideway glance. (taken indoors, facing a window in normal roomlight)
And this is how they appear from a distance. <3

Outdoors, in the shadows.
Indoors, facing the window.
I was cold, m'kay? :)
The real reason is that I was too lazy to do make-up on my lower face too, since it would barely show.
Oh, and don't mind the eyebags. I haven't slept properly in two nights. ^^

In short:

Color: 9/10
Obvious and vibrant color. Even in bad light, it's impossible to miss! Very pretty blue as well. :)
Design: 9/10
The flower-like pattern is delicate-looking and cute. Definitely not common!
Opacity: 8/10
They cover your real color well, except in the middle because the pupil hole is pretty big. So they are opaque on the edges and blend in the middle, which is a really good combination! It looks especially pretty on light eyes. ;)
Enlargement: 9/10
They definitely look bigger than 14.5mm but they don't eat up my eyes like 16.0mm either... I wonder what the real diameter is? They enlarge beautifully in any case. <3
Comfort: 8/10
I could easily wear them for a very long time (10+ hours, oops) without problems. At times I completely forgot about them, so when I glanced in a mirror, I went like "wow". :'D -EDIT- They lost in comfort pretty fast; now they start feeling semi-dry after about three hours. Eye drops should fix this just fine.
Naturalness: 3/10
They're too vibrant and big to be natural... but ironically, someone actually thought that they were my real eyes. x)

Psst... are you interested in the Vassen Dori Pink? I reviewed them too here. <3
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This concludes this episode of eyes
See you next time! <3

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kemin mangapäivä 2014 summary: bring on the Lolita army.

Hiya! :)

On Saturday 11th October was held Kemin mangapäivä (Kemi's Manga day) in, well, Kemi. It's a small event but it's seemingly getting bigger: this year it lasted 6 hours instead of the usual 4 hours! Wooohooo! Also, the location was different. This time, it was in Sauvotalo building (aka the same building as the last Kitacon). They also had a small booklet with information about the event. 

And this is what it looked like inside the building. :)

Entrance & info desk.
Artists' tables.
I stroke a chat with this awesome Discord cosplayer. :'D
Geeky stuff. :'3
And geeks themselves.
Cute handmade figurines. ^-^
Con area.
Con area again.
Now that everybody is in the con mood and curious about what happened at Manga Day, let's have a flashback to break the mood. ;) 
On Saturday morning, Shiro Samurai and I woke up early and headed for Jäätynyt Enkeli's place. I think he wasn't quite out of bed when we got there because he was still in pyjama. Sorry man, cosplay is calling. x) Anyway, the reason for this strategical move was that it was snowing on the morning (more like, this horrible mix of snow and rain) and even though there wasn't a long walk to Jäätynyt Enkeli's, it would be enough to get sweaty and all wet from the snow and humid air... so had we done our make-up home, it would have been all over the place before we even got to the con. 
By the way, Shiro Samurai would cosplay as his OC Taregard Frir and Jäätynyt Enkeli would cosplay an original casual version of Levi from Attack on Titan.
The guys' mum would pick us up and drive us to Kemi at 11:00 (Finnish time) so we had a little less than two hours to put on cosplays. So we opened our small suitcase in which we had put our cosplays and started changing.
Yeah, we need a suitcase even for a 6 hours event. Deal with it. XD
I started doing my make-up, following the suggestions I had got from Shiro Samurai on the previous day. So in the end he didn't do my make-up on the con morning but he did a make-up test on me the day before. x) My boyfriend is doing my make-up. <3
I felt like my red contacts were drying in my eyes while I was putting on make-up... ewww. But it usually happens when I mercilessly rub some white pencil just under my eyes. morning torture I messed up my eye-liner once and raged - and when I wanted to correct it before it dried, I realized that Shiro Samurai was locked in the bathroom and I had no idea where the cotton buds were. Grump. I could re-do my eye-liner though and it looked all nice in the end. :'D 
Time just flew away and suddenly it was 11:00. We went outside with our stuff. We were ready, but didn't get any extra time. I had my shoes hanging from my bag because I didn't want to wear them in the snow and rain - they're white. ;_; And I have no use for grey shoes. 

Flashback end. :'3 
We got to the con about one hour and a half after it had started... meh. But it's better than missing the whole thing, right? :) We met Sairu-chan in the cloakroom (which was cloak-free but you get the idea). She was cosplaying from Corpse Party: Tortured Souls. I don't know how she manages to be creepy and cute at the same time, but she just does. x) It felt good to see her again! <3 
We first went to check what the con had to offer in terms of geeky merchandise. There wasn't much, so it didn't take long to check everything. One of the artists had illustrations of the Colossal titan, Armored titan and Female type titan... which creeped me out. Especially the Colossal titan creeps the hell out of me. :< I have trauma from watching the first episode of SnK a while ago. The same artist had... jellyfishes. It was really funny because the previous night, Shiro Samurai and I had been talking about pretty much everything scaring us and it included the disgusting, shock-delivering jellyfishes. x) As well as giant spiders, sharks, coconuts, caves, Gollum, crazy elevators...
A small cosplay competition was held at 12:00 but we didn't stay to watch. Instead, we headed outside to photoshoot Sairu-chan's cosplay. It wasn't the warmest and my outfit is pretty damn cold so I found myself frozen in no time, and it was so bad that I was obviously shaking. OTL Sairu-chan urged me to go get a jacket and I obediently went to get mine. I came back right away to hold the umbrella over Shiro Samurai's camera in case it started snowing/raining. I am now a professional umbrella holder. Behold.

I'm freezing... but Levi is fine. x)
Better. :'3
We didn't shoot for very long because it was, well, cold. :'D It was comfy despite the weather, and we had some nice laughs too, especially when Sairu-chan's phone suddenly shouted "BALLS!". x)
Ehem. Soon enough we went back indoors and headed for one of the rooms because Shiro Samurai wanted to attend a panel. Before the panel, we had a few minutes for a food break... and the obligatory food pics.

Food time is serious.
Nom nom nom...
No pics plz. :<
Dunno why I look so "ewww" because the snack was good. x)
I had no interest in the panel since it was in Finnish, but otherwise I'd have come as well. Jäätynyt Enkeli tagged along and for a second I was scared I would be left alone, but Sairu-chan stayed with me. Thanks! ;A; <3
While the MarioKart bros were being schoolboys attending the panel, Sairu-chan and I went to a nearby store to buy something to drink. A friend of hers tagged along. I bought some lemonade that I planned on sharing with Shiro Samurai because it's one of our faves and I also got myself a bun. I'm always hungry at cons.
When we were back in the con building, I shared my bun with Sairu-chan. We saw Shiro Samurai and Jäätynyt Enkeli, but Shiro Samurai went to attend another panel right away. I stayed with the two others meanwhile and walked around and chatted. At one point a tall guy asked for my picture and then he asked me to take a pic of him. I had to ask him to talk English. </3 But he was super cool, and it's really nice to see an adult cosplaying! Well, I'm technically an adult too... What I mean is that he was a bit older than your average congoer. I'll cosplay older characters when I am old, goddammit. 
This guy joined our company and started talking with Jäätynyt Enkeli but I didn't follow because they had switched to Finnish. Sairu-chan was with some friends who talked English with me for a moment but then they also switched to Finnish. I got kinda bored, because I was alone between two groups of people speaking Finnish so I walked around, checked merchandise even though I wasn't interested because most stuff was mainstream/poor quality/bootleg. I wasn't especially interested in buying any of the artists' creations although they were cool. I'm out of cash, too. ^^; 
Eventually Shiro Samurai was done with his panel so we headed outside along with Jäätynyt Enkeli and Sairu-chan. We had set on buying some snacks from Lidl because we didn't want to eat a proper meal in Kemi, for the sake of saving cash. So we went to buy fresh bakeries and coffee for me people stared and came back to the con to eat. Shiro Samurai ran to give a quick photoshoot to this one older cosplayer whom I mentioned earlier and when he came back we went to sit at a table with our provisions. 
The con was drawing to an end so there were few people around. We ate our breads and donuts, took derp pics and chatted some more, it was really chill. After this it was time to go, so we hugged Sairu-chan goodbye, went outside and Manga Day was over. :(
I was especially sad because Sairu-chan, Jäätynyt Enkeli and Shiro Samurai will meet at Halloween and I won't be with them because I have to travel abroad so I won't see Sairu-chan in a while. :'(
Ah well, that's why you stalk one another on Blogger and Skype. :') 
Oh, I seemingly missed the Lolita fashion display that I wanted to attend most... I guess it was while we were photoshooting? Oh well, it's not too bad because I quickly saw all the Lolitas when they walked out of the building. :'3 Thanks to the fashion display and my own contribution as a creepy!Lolita, there was a small Lolita army in there.

Manga Day was comfy and chill, and I'm happy that it's getting more popular! I actually was asked three times for a pic when I thought it wouldn't even happen, yay! <3 I also had someone ask me if the blood on my cheek was a real wound. x) 
Thank you everyone for a nice time! ~

Bonus pics! 
Because we all need them.

Captain Levi doesn't approve of my coffe. :'(
Have a gif. <3

I'm outta here before Levi kicks me! :'D

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kemin mangapäivä 2014 - 3, 2, 1 cosplay plans!

Hiya people!

Kemin mangapäivä (Kemi's manga day) will be held in Kemi duh this Saturday so I really have to hurry with my cosplay plans! :'3 It's a really small event (6 hours) but it's close by and has free entrance so I'm totally going to hang out with my friends there! <3
And you know what?
I won't cosplay.

Well, I won't go there in jeans and a T-shirt either. I'll dress as a sweet Lolita with a twist, you'll see it there!

I also challenged Shiro Samurai to do my make-up. Challenge accepted? I don't know. :'3

See you folks in Kemi! ~

Friday, October 3, 2014

Lens review: GEO Mimi Cafe Waffle Gray

Meep! :D

This time I want to share my discovery of the Mimi Cafe Waffle Gray lenses of the GEO brand. They are from the Cafe Mimi series, just like the Mimi Cafe Latte Brown, which I have reviewed before. ;) I was really satisfied with the Latte Brown so I was eager of trying more lenses of the same series! I was expecting especially good comfort and super pretty pattern. 
Expectations fulfilled? 

I opened them on Sunday 28th of September and put them to soak in solution. I left them in this bath overnight and put them on Monday morning. The 8.7mm base curve wasn't a problem when I popped them in my eyes, and neither was the 15mm diameter. As soon as both were in my eyes, I noticed something annoying though - they were moving all the time. Every time I blinked they would slide upward in my eyes before gliding back in place the next second. It didn't hurt or anything but it was really irritating (for my nerves, not for my eyes).
I ignored it and went outside. It was windy and I was biking; several times within ten minutes I was scared that the contacts would pop out of my eyes! Even when I was indoors I had this feeling a few times. At least five times during the morning it felt like the contacts would pop out of my eyes.
By this point I was fairly annoyed and very disappointed by the lack of comfort. 
I didn't get to take pics for my review on Monday because the weather was cloudy and dark so I wore the same contacts on the following day, 30th of September. This time they behaved better! They didn't move as annoyingly much, but still more than your usual circle lenses. 
And this really makes me sad because they are otherwise very pretty and seem to fit my iris size and eye shape well and it looks good. Lenses, why do you have to move all the time? :(
Of course it's still possible to wear them, but I find them rather uncomfortable for being circle lenses. I don't think it has anything to do with base curve or diameter... I mean, I have lenses that have a base curve of 8.8mm (the EOS Max Misty Blue) and some that have a diameter of 16.2mm (the I.Fairy Tofi Gold) and neither of them feels this uncomfortable or moves this much in my eyes.
Yep. Comfort-wise, still better than the EOS Dolly Eye Brown. trauma. 

Hey, it's about time I showed what they look like, don't you think? ;)

Photographer is Shiro Samurai. All pics are unedited to show real colors, as usual! ~

Bottles. :'3
It's hard to tell apart "right" and "wrong" side. :/
On my finger. (No shit, Sherlock.)
One lens in. Notice enlargement!
Looking into the sun. It's sunset and I'm outdoors.
Outdoors, turning my back to the sun.
Outdoors, on the "shadow" side of the building.
Outdoors in the sunlight. For some reason it's less bright.
Indoors. Shitty yellow-ish light in the staircase. :<
Indoors, looking through the window.
It's still sunset and the light hitting my eyes is very bright.
Indoors. White-ish light in the corridor.
Indoors, standing in front of a window in the corridor.
Indoors. Flash pic. ~
Bathroom light.
Normal room light (sunset-ish).
In front of another window.
Sideways glance.
Now some pics taken from a distance! :'D I'm not cosplaying, just being randomly fabulous.

Snake. <3
 Bonus pic!

It didn't want to. :<
In short: 

Color: 8/10
The three colors give a special look and don't blend into each other. The lenses sometimes look pretty dark though. The color isn't vibrant either, but it's dull in a good way!
Design: 10/10
Original, noticeable and very pretty!
Opacity: 9/10
They don't blend in my natural (fairly light) eye color but I assume they would look darker on brown eyes. The transparent hole in the middle lets little to none of the real eye color show. ~
Enlargement: 8/10
They look bigger than they seem. ;)
Comfort: 6/10
I was disappointed by the comfort. :( I feel them in my eyes every now and then. There is also this annoying thing that they move all the time, so I get blurred vision when I blink because the colored part of the contact moves to partially cover my pupil. I also feel it when they move. The 42% water content doesn't seem to help. :<
Naturalness: 4/10
This pattern is totally natural... not. :)

Remember! ;)

That's it, see you in the next post! :'3
That was some picture spam... <3