Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lens review: EOS Max Misty Blue

Time for another review! Time to shake out my boredom too...
Title says it all, these are the EOS Max Misty Blue, that I bought from Pinky Paradise again.
Here are my pictures, taken by Valkoinen Samurai :)

Bathing in lens solution.
One lens in.
No flash; taken indoors facing the window.
With flash, taken indoors away from the window, in yellow-ish artificial light.
Flash, still taken indoors.
No flash, indoors, next to another window.
Next to the same window, different angle. Still no flash.
Facing the window, no flash.
As you can see, these have a noticeable yellow rim around the pupil; it doesn't always show when worn but if you have clear eyes like I do, it blends your natural eye color and the contacts' color, which is pretty cool. This kind of pattern with a darker rim around the edge is pretty common.
They are pretty enlarging but not in-you-face unnatural.
Comfort is okay, I have a very, very slight vision limitation (very slight blur when I blink or move my eyes) but it's barely noticeable at all. When I put them on they were slightly uncomfortable too but it went away after a while.
Also, you'll notice that they look a little different with every different kind of light (hence the pictures spam).
I'm planning on using these for Kotetsu Kiyone from Bleach obscure character is obscure whenever I cosplay her again :)

In short :

Color: 8/10
Dark-ish but very pretty color. The yellow ring lightens it or helps it blend into your natural eye color.
Design: 8/10
Bonus points for the yellow ring! It makes the contacts cooler!
Opacity: 9/10
These contacts cover your eye color very well.
Enlargement: 6/10
Not very enlarging, they can be worn as everyday contacts and people won't stare at you like you had saucer-eyes.
Comfort: 7/10
They are very comfortable, I don't even feel them. I'm putting 7 though because I've had this thing every time I wore them: if I close my eyes for 1 second or more I get this "tired eyes" feeling. It goes away and doesn't really hurt, but I suspect it irritates my eyes somehow because when I take off the contacts, my eyes are red (bloodshot around the iris). I wonder if it's because their base curve is 8.8mm? My other contacts have 8.6mm. I don't know if it plays a part, so if someone knows, please leave a comment. Also, when I'm indoors or in not-so-bright light, I will have slightly blurred vision because the "hole" is not especially big.
Naturalness: 5/10
I guess I could have worn them for natural looks... if they hadn't done this to my eyes, that is. :C

Bloodshot iris. It isn't as bad on my right eye though.
I don't have anything to add, so see you! [insert anime character waving here]


  1. Those lenses looks really good on you. :'3 I didn't even notice that yellow rim at first, but now when I re-checked the pics again I see it. It blends really well to your eyes, it's really cool. ^^

  2. great blog, I love blogs like this one, with a passion :)
    keep in touch? :)
    I love to read and learn about new cultures, customs and people :)
    greetings from Polish <3 :))