Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lens review: Vassen Dori Blue

Hi people! :)

Here comes another of my lens reviews! I am a serial reviewer now. <3 not 
Lately I've been feeling like wearing blue circle lenses and the only blue pair I had at hand was my EOS Max Misty Blue... which I decided to throw away because every time I wore them, I had bloodshot eyes afterward.
So I really wanted some blue lenses that would be kind to my eyes instead. I found this pair, the Vassen Dori Blue (that also goes under the name Béuberry Sweet Eyes Blue) and I couldn't find any reviews of them. So I bought them with the intention: "Let's put them in my eyes and see what happens! :'D" I do this often.
Their base curve is the usual 8.6mm. I don't know what the actual diameter is because it's written as 16.0mm on and as 14.5mm on PinkyParadise. Same thing for the water content, one says 55% and the other says 42%. 
But let's move on to the review. :) First, pictures of the lenses in the bottles.
All pictures are taken by Shiro Samurai. They are unedited to show real colors. ;)

In the bottles.
The lens on the left shows "wrong" side.
Flash pic. The lens on the right shows "wrong" side.
On my finger. :) "wrong" side up.
I put them in lens solution and let them swim in there overnight. I then wore them on the 20th of October but took the pics on the 22nd because I didn't have time or light on the 20th. 
Here are the pics! :D

One lens in. Pay attention to the enlargement!
Taken outdoors, facing the sunlight.
Outdoors. I'm turning my back to the sun.
Outdoors. I'm facing the light, it got brighter!
Outdoors. I'm on the "shadow" side of the building now.
Still outdoors, facing the light. Sun is starting to set.
Taken outdoors with a cloudy sky.
Indoors, facing the light coming from outside. Flash pic.
Same as above but without flash.
Taken indoors, facing a window.
Indoors. Yellow lamp light. :<
Indoors. Flash pic.
Bathroom light.
Sideway glance. (taken indoors, facing a window in normal roomlight)
And this is how they appear from a distance. <3

Outdoors, in the shadows.
Indoors, facing the window.
I was cold, m'kay? :)
The real reason is that I was too lazy to do make-up on my lower face too, since it would barely show.
Oh, and don't mind the eyebags. I haven't slept properly in two nights. ^^

In short:

Color: 9/10
Obvious and vibrant color. Even in bad light, it's impossible to miss! Very pretty blue as well. :)
Design: 9/10
The flower-like pattern is delicate-looking and cute. Definitely not common!
Opacity: 8/10
They cover your real color well, except in the middle because the pupil hole is pretty big. So they are opaque on the edges and blend in the middle, which is a really good combination! It looks especially pretty on light eyes. ;)
Enlargement: 9/10
They definitely look bigger than 14.5mm but they don't eat up my eyes like 16.0mm either... I wonder what the real diameter is? They enlarge beautifully in any case. <3
Comfort: 8/10
I could easily wear them for a very long time (10+ hours, oops) without problems. At times I completely forgot about them, so when I glanced in a mirror, I went like "wow". :'D -EDIT- They lost in comfort pretty fast; now they start feeling semi-dry after about three hours. Eye drops should fix this just fine.
Naturalness: 3/10
They're too vibrant and big to be natural... but ironically, someone actually thought that they were my real eyes. x)

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This concludes this episode of eyes
See you next time! <3

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  1. Hnng, these are so pretty!
    You look so cute with them! I'm in love with the vivid blue shade, can't wait to try on my green ones now afghdshds;skjd! >w< Circle lenses are so addicting!