Friday, October 3, 2014

Lens review: GEO Mimi Cafe Waffle Gray

Meep! :D

This time I want to share my discovery of the Mimi Cafe Waffle Gray lenses of the GEO brand. They are from the Cafe Mimi series, just like the Mimi Cafe Latte Brown, which I have reviewed before. ;) I was really satisfied with the Latte Brown so I was eager of trying more lenses of the same series! I was expecting especially good comfort and super pretty pattern. 
Expectations fulfilled? 

I opened them on Sunday 28th of September and put them to soak in solution. I left them in this bath overnight and put them on Monday morning. The 8.7mm base curve wasn't a problem when I popped them in my eyes, and neither was the 15mm diameter. As soon as both were in my eyes, I noticed something annoying though - they were moving all the time. Every time I blinked they would slide upward in my eyes before gliding back in place the next second. It didn't hurt or anything but it was really irritating (for my nerves, not for my eyes).
I ignored it and went outside. It was windy and I was biking; several times within ten minutes I was scared that the contacts would pop out of my eyes! Even when I was indoors I had this feeling a few times. At least five times during the morning it felt like the contacts would pop out of my eyes.
By this point I was fairly annoyed and very disappointed by the lack of comfort. 
I didn't get to take pics for my review on Monday because the weather was cloudy and dark so I wore the same contacts on the following day, 30th of September. This time they behaved better! They didn't move as annoyingly much, but still more than your usual circle lenses. 
And this really makes me sad because they are otherwise very pretty and seem to fit my iris size and eye shape well and it looks good. Lenses, why do you have to move all the time? :(
Of course it's still possible to wear them, but I find them rather uncomfortable for being circle lenses. I don't think it has anything to do with base curve or diameter... I mean, I have lenses that have a base curve of 8.8mm (the EOS Max Misty Blue) and some that have a diameter of 16.2mm (the I.Fairy Tofi Gold) and neither of them feels this uncomfortable or moves this much in my eyes.
Yep. Comfort-wise, still better than the EOS Dolly Eye Brown. trauma. 

Hey, it's about time I showed what they look like, don't you think? ;)

Photographer is Shiro Samurai. All pics are unedited to show real colors, as usual! ~

Bottles. :'3
It's hard to tell apart "right" and "wrong" side. :/
On my finger. (No shit, Sherlock.)
One lens in. Notice enlargement!
Looking into the sun. It's sunset and I'm outdoors.
Outdoors, turning my back to the sun.
Outdoors, on the "shadow" side of the building.
Outdoors in the sunlight. For some reason it's less bright.
Indoors. Shitty yellow-ish light in the staircase. :<
Indoors, looking through the window.
It's still sunset and the light hitting my eyes is very bright.
Indoors. White-ish light in the corridor.
Indoors, standing in front of a window in the corridor.
Indoors. Flash pic. ~
Bathroom light.
Normal room light (sunset-ish).
In front of another window.
Sideways glance.
Now some pics taken from a distance! :'D I'm not cosplaying, just being randomly fabulous.

Snake. <3
 Bonus pic!

It didn't want to. :<
In short: 

Color: 8/10
The three colors give a special look and don't blend into each other. The lenses sometimes look pretty dark though. The color isn't vibrant either, but it's dull in a good way!
Design: 10/10
Original, noticeable and very pretty!
Opacity: 9/10
They don't blend in my natural (fairly light) eye color but I assume they would look darker on brown eyes. The transparent hole in the middle lets little to none of the real eye color show. ~
Enlargement: 8/10
They look bigger than they seem. ;)
Comfort: 6/10
I was disappointed by the comfort. :( I feel them in my eyes every now and then. There is also this annoying thing that they move all the time, so I get blurred vision when I blink because the colored part of the contact moves to partially cover my pupil. I also feel it when they move. The 42% water content doesn't seem to help. :<
Naturalness: 4/10
This pattern is totally natural... not. :)

Remember! ;)

That's it, see you in the next post! :'3
That was some picture spam... <3

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  1. HNNG you're so pretty!
    These contacts look surprisingly gorgeous and fit your real eye color really nicely! Definitely a nice pair! :D Too bad that the comfort is not the best though. :<