Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lens review: Vassen Latte Pink

Hi! <3

Not long ago Valkoinen Samurai was trolling with my lagtop informed me of a sale on Pinky Paradise. I had decided on buying new contacts so I checked the sale too and found this piece of awesomeness... 
In other words, the Vassen Latte Pink were on sale. <3 They can also be found under the name Kimchi Mio Pink.

Ermaiglehrb PINK contacts.
I tried them on very soon after I got them because I was really curious about them; I hadn't tried pink before!
Have a picture spam. ;) And all pictures are taken by Valkoinen Samurai, including the one showing contacts in the bottles.

One lens in.
Taken indoors, but facing the light.
Different darkness light.
Taken outside, trying to face the light. I'm a vampire.
The sun is burning my eyes. ;_;
This one was taken indoors but near a window.
Back into the sun! IT BURRRRRRNS.
That's how it looks from a distance. derp
Ok, I love the pattern. I mean, really. It's gorgeous and it blends into my eye color, and best of all it doesn't hinder my vision at all. These are also very comfy to wear, I didn't feel them for hours and I could easily forget I had them on!
And they actually look PINK! ~ <3
What makes them even more fabulous prettier is that they give cute enlarging effect, and thanks to the pattern it looks natural! Or almost... ;)
Watch out for the side effect: when you take them off, your eyes look so boring that you want them again. ;^;
But I really love them, they're pretty and comfortable and look so good! I will definitely wear them for cosplay and outside of cosplay too!

In short:

Color: 8/10
They are pink but in dimmer light you can't tell the color right away. They have this little bit of black and brown that darkens the color but it's very pretty.
Design: 10/10
Amazing pattern! And the color mix is beautiful too!
Opacity: 7/10
Unevenly opaque. Some parts of the design shows your real eye color. The pink color is opaque though.
Enlargement: 8/10
Pretty enlarging but not unnatural-looking either. They can be worn casually.
Comfort: 10/10
Very comfortable. It takes several hours until they dry out. <3
Naturalness: 3/10
Color and pattern aren't natural at all... but I do have eyes so... :)

That's it for today, bye ~

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bought some stuff for cosplay ~

I went to town yesterday mainly because I really needed shoes. So I went to a store that has a permanent sale, a.k.a cheap shoes, and after painful searching found some cool stuff!

And yeah, the biggest pair is size 36. I have ridiculously small feet so I have to look in the "little girls" section. No comment... (triple nipple dot)
I was looking for this kind of flat-soled summer shoes because I plan to use them for cosplay and also something that has yet to be revealed ~ I'm very happy because I got all three for very cheap! I'm planning on modifying them too, like adding ribbons, or flowers, or pom poms. I'll need one of these very soon but shh, it's still a secret! For maximum one week. 

I also bought some make-up from another store also cheap because I will use it for the same still-secret-but-not-for-long purposes than the shoes.

This is actually quite the challenge for me because I've never really dressed in a very girly way or done any girly make-up... Like, I've never applied lip shine or nail polish, let alone false eyelashes. As far as eyelashes are concerned though, I have this sweet tutorial to help me! <3
I'll probably do some cosplay preview with this stuff as soon as possible, so until then! ^_^

Saturday, April 19, 2014

FINALLY: Momiji's hat

Beautiful derp censor.
... Yeah. So, I have been working on this beautiful blue hat for this cheerful fellow:

Sohma Momiji from Fruits Basket.
I actually started working on the hat back in... summer. Why did it take me so long? Well, for the whole autumn and winter I couldn't do any progress on the hat. The reason why is that I could only work on it at Valkoinen Samurai's mum's with her very kind help and couldn't bike there in winter because of snow and temperatures like 15°C under zero. 
But I finally finished the hat on Tuesday 15th of April, and damn it took so long it's not even funny. I suck. 
Here are some progress pictures so you can see how it went.

I first looked for a close enough hat model in a sewing magazine. When I found one, I drew the pattern and cut it.

I first made a test hat out of random orange fabric that Valkoinen Samurai's mum seemingly has an overload of.

Cutting fabric pieces. I'm leaving extra space for seam allowances.
Cutting head hole in this piece.
And sewing the pieces together.
I had two pieces, one basically a circle and the other one, a donut. Otherwise your hat turns into either a donut (two pieces with a hole) or a round bun (two pieces without hole). And I wanted the hat. Heheh.

Neither a donut nor a bun. Feat. derpface.
Okay, stop fooling around now, here comes the real deal.

Found blue fabric for the hat, and black for the shorts.
Here we go again!
I was advised to use interfacing fabric to make the hat sturdier, because the orange test subject was pretty much a pancake (I have hats turning into all sorts of yummy things... hmmm... Should I go bake instead of learning to sew?). Interfacing fabric glues onto usual fabric with the heat of an iron, so here we go!

Gluing time.
When the pancake part of the hat was sturdier, I pinned it to the donut part and sewed the two together on the "wrong" side of the fabric.

Sewing in a curve is friggin' hard.
Hat flipped over to the "right" side.
I still needed to add a white strip, and hide some elastic behind it so that the hat wouldn't fall off my head as soon as I nod.

White strip in place, feat. elastic.
Close-up on the elastic at the back (sewing in progress).
Aaand sewn in place.
I added another white strip higher up on the hat. You can see on the very first picture that it's thinner; it was very easy to sew in place, as I just stitched in the middle of it and boom. Beautiful explanation. 
I was helped by Valkoinen Samurai's mum all along and I owe her a big fat thank you for this! I'm pretty much a newbie in sewing although my mum taught me the basics; I just lack practice. For now I can do very little stuff, need a lot of help with the Finnish sewing machine and I'm horrible at cutting straight and sewing straight. It always looks like I'm drunk OTL
Oh well, I'll never get anywhere if I don't try, so be prepared to see more of my drunk sewing as I keep working on Momiji! I'll get this done one day!
But for now...

Tschüss! (Bye!)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lens review: EOS Max Misty Blue

Time for another review! Time to shake out my boredom too...
Title says it all, these are the EOS Max Misty Blue, that I bought from Pinky Paradise again.
Here are my pictures, taken by Valkoinen Samurai :)

Bathing in lens solution.
One lens in.
No flash; taken indoors facing the window.
With flash, taken indoors away from the window, in yellow-ish artificial light.
Flash, still taken indoors.
No flash, indoors, next to another window.
Next to the same window, different angle. Still no flash.
Facing the window, no flash.
As you can see, these have a noticeable yellow rim around the pupil; it doesn't always show when worn but if you have clear eyes like I do, it blends your natural eye color and the contacts' color, which is pretty cool. This kind of pattern with a darker rim around the edge is pretty common.
They are pretty enlarging but not in-you-face unnatural.
Comfort is okay, I have a very, very slight vision limitation (very slight blur when I blink or move my eyes) but it's barely noticeable at all. When I put them on they were slightly uncomfortable too but it went away after a while.
Also, you'll notice that they look a little different with every different kind of light (hence the pictures spam).
I'm planning on using these for Kotetsu Kiyone from Bleach obscure character is obscure whenever I cosplay her again :)

In short :

Color: 8/10
Dark-ish but very pretty color. The yellow ring lightens it or helps it blend into your natural eye color.
Design: 8/10
Bonus points for the yellow ring! It makes the contacts cooler!
Opacity: 9/10
These contacts cover your eye color very well.
Enlargement: 6/10
Not very enlarging, they can be worn as everyday contacts and people won't stare at you like you had saucer-eyes.
Comfort: 7/10
They are very comfortable, I don't even feel them. I'm putting 7 though because I've had this thing every time I wore them: if I close my eyes for 1 second or more I get this "tired eyes" feeling. It goes away and doesn't really hurt, but I suspect it irritates my eyes somehow because when I take off the contacts, my eyes are red (bloodshot around the iris). I wonder if it's because their base curve is 8.8mm? My other contacts have 8.6mm. I don't know if it plays a part, so if someone knows, please leave a comment. Also, when I'm indoors or in not-so-bright light, I will have slightly blurred vision because the "hole" is not especially big.
Naturalness: 5/10
I guess I could have worn them for natural looks... if they hadn't done this to my eyes, that is. :C

Bloodshot iris. It isn't as bad on my right eye though.
I don't have anything to add, so see you! [insert anime character waving here]