Friday, August 29, 2014

Lens review: I.Fairy Tofi Gold

Hi! ~

This time I will review the I.Fairy Tofi Gold. As you can figure out from the name, they have a yellow/golden color (that turns green-ish in dim or bad light). Their base curve is 8.6mm and their diameter is 16.2mm (this is huge. O_o). I had high expectations for these contacts because I needed some that were fairly enlarging, had a noticeable golden color and were comfortable. My previous yellow contacts never met all of these requirements. :< 
But I'll show you what they look like! (And prepare for picture spam. :p )

Photographer is Shiro Samurai.

In the bottles.
Showing the "right" side.
One "right" side (on the right) and one "wrong" side (on the left).
One lens in. Notice the enlargement!
Both lenses in, feat. make-up. Taken indoors, facing the window.
Normal room light.
Bathroom light.
Indoors, taken with the flash.
Indoors. Taken in the corridor.
 We then went outside for more different lights. All following pics are taken on the "sun" side of the building.

Outdoors in the shadows.
Facing the sun.
From a distance, looking into the sun. It burns, hence the derp face.
From a distance, in the shadows.
Close-up, in the shadows. It's not a selfie.
After this, we went around the building and took some pics in its shadow.

Outdoors on the "shadow" side. I joined the dark side to get more pics.
"shadow" side again.
Same place, with the flash.
So, what do you think? Do they fill the requirements? ;) For me they do! I love them! <3 The only thing I am a bit "meh" about is that they look green-ish in certain lights... which is a bit embarrassing when I'm cosplaying. My character has golden eyes, dammit! (Yup, it's still oni!Chizuru. This girl is stealing all my money.) But otherwise it's not really a problem because they are still very pretty!

In short:

Color: 9/10
It is the yellow I wanted! <3 The only flaws are that they sometimes look green-ish. Their beautiful yellow shade makes up for this though! They are pretty even in dim light.
Design: 10/10
Amazing flower-ish pattern. :'D One of the most beautiful lens designs I've seen.
Opacity: 9/10
Very opaque, except for the big pupil hole.
Enlargement: 10/10
Much better than expected. They give me big and gorgeous eyes!
Comfort: 9/10
They take quite a while to dry out and I don't feel them in my eyes. The only drawback is that they slightly blur my side vision; I sometimes see dark corners.
Naturalness: 1/10
They're literally eating up my eyes... and you still ask about naturalness?


These contacts decided to troll me... twice! :c

Opening... oh sh*t. What do I do now? :(
Now pouring it in my palm... all the solution came out, but the lens stayed. :(

That's it for this time, bye-bye! :)

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  1. These look so pretty on you! <3
    Nice that you found golden contacts that actually are golden/yellow and not just brown/green. Sure that in lacking light these can come off with a green-ish tint but I still think -from what I've seen you wearing them- that more often than not they have this nice golden/yellow shade. The design is so cool!