Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lens review: EOS New Adult Brown

Hello hello everyone!

I just came home from a long journey across land and sea (read: DesuCruise) but it's still too early for me to write a summary for this event. I need to sleep a bit before. :'D
So to keep you entertained meanwhile, have a contact lens review. ;) These are a lot of fun to do! <3

So this time I bought the New Adult Brown lenses; the brand is EOS. They also go under the name EOS Blytheye Brown. Although they have "brown" in the name, their color is more yellow than brown and this is exactly why I wanted them. I need golden eyes for my Yukimura Chizuru's demon version! <3 
So I popped the contacts into my eyes without problems and went to take pics. Shiro Samurai is the photographer! :)

Lenses in the bottles.
With flash.
And without flash.
One lens in, showing enlargement.
Indoors, feat. lamp light.
Indoors, facing the window.
Indoors, facing the window, with flash.
Outdoors on a cloudy day.
Still outdoors, still cloudy. Looking toward the light.
Still outdoors in the same light.
From a distance.
Super close-up. Admire the pattern!
Looking toward slightly brighter light, still outdoors.
Looking right into the sun.
From a distance. Ignore my lack of smile, but the sun is burning my eyes. :(
These are very comfortable to wear but I was disappointed by the color. I was hoping for a more noticeable yellow but they blend into my natural eye color instead, which is a mix of light green and blue. I assume that these look brown on dark eyes though.

Oh, their base curve is 8.6mm and diameter is 14.0mm. :)

In short:

Color: 7/10
They're definitely not in-your-face yellow but I'm still giving 7 because they give this unnatural color that isn't yellow or brown. They're somewhere in between; it doesn't look downright freaky but it's still pretty obvious that your eye color isn't normal.
Design: 7/10
Simple and cool.
Opacity: 7/10
My eye color slightly affects the lenses' color but you can still obviously tell they're in my eyes. :'D
Enlargement: 4/10
Pretty small for being circle lenses. They can be worn as everyday contacts; they don't give big eyes.
Comfort: 10/10
I was surprised by how comfortable these are! I could wear them for a long time without even feeling them. They don't hinder my vision at all and I completely forget that I'm wearing them. I wore them for probably more than eight hours in a row without problems. I took them off because it was getting late, not because of comfort issues. O_o I know I shouldn't do that.
Naturalness: 5/10
They don't jump at you but I can't say that they are my real eyes either. Someone actually noticed on the first glance that I was wearing contacts.

Check out Jäätynyt Enkeli's review of the blue ones! :D

 kthx (for reading) bai! :'D


  1. Just bought very same lenses, I also was surprised of how comfortable they were! I wished they would have been little bit more yellowish though. Though I had bad lightning when trying them so that why they might have seemed bit too dark too :'D

  2. I think these are still cool even though they aren't yellow enough for oni!Chizuru. :'D I like the pattern (simple and nice) and stuff; I'm tempted to try the New Adult Red ones!