Friday, August 29, 2014

Lens review: I.Fairy Tofi Gold

Hi! ~

This time I will review the I.Fairy Tofi Gold. As you can figure out from the name, they have a yellow/golden color (that turns green-ish in dim or bad light). Their base curve is 8.6mm and their diameter is 16.2mm (this is huge. O_o). I had high expectations for these contacts because I needed some that were fairly enlarging, had a noticeable golden color and were comfortable. My previous yellow contacts never met all of these requirements. :< 
But I'll show you what they look like! (And prepare for picture spam. :p )

Photographer is Shiro Samurai.

In the bottles.
Showing the "right" side.
One "right" side (on the right) and one "wrong" side (on the left).
One lens in. Notice the enlargement!
Both lenses in, feat. make-up. Taken indoors, facing the window.
Normal room light.
Bathroom light.
Indoors, taken with the flash.
Indoors. Taken in the corridor.
 We then went outside for more different lights. All following pics are taken on the "sun" side of the building.

Outdoors in the shadows.
Facing the sun.
From a distance, looking into the sun. It burns, hence the derp face.
From a distance, in the shadows.
Close-up, in the shadows. It's not a selfie.
After this, we went around the building and took some pics in its shadow.

Outdoors on the "shadow" side. I joined the dark side to get more pics.
"shadow" side again.
Same place, with the flash.
So, what do you think? Do they fill the requirements? ;) For me they do! I love them! <3 The only thing I am a bit "meh" about is that they look green-ish in certain lights... which is a bit embarrassing when I'm cosplaying. My character has golden eyes, dammit! (Yup, it's still oni!Chizuru. This girl is stealing all my money.) But otherwise it's not really a problem because they are still very pretty!

In short:

Color: 9/10
It is the yellow I wanted! <3 The only flaws are that they sometimes look green-ish. Their beautiful yellow shade makes up for this though! They are pretty even in dim light.
Design: 10/10
Amazing flower-ish pattern. :'D One of the most beautiful lens designs I've seen.
Opacity: 9/10
Very opaque, except for the big pupil hole.
Enlargement: 10/10
Much better than expected. They give me big and gorgeous eyes!
Comfort: 9/10
They take quite a while to dry out and I don't feel them in my eyes. The only drawback is that they slightly blur my side vision; I sometimes see dark corners.
Naturalness: 1/10
They're literally eating up my eyes... and you still ask about naturalness?


These contacts decided to troll me... twice! :c

Opening... oh sh*t. What do I do now? :(
Now pouring it in my palm... all the solution came out, but the lens stayed. :(

That's it for this time, bye-bye! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DesuCruise 2014 summary: take off the "Desu" and add Russians.

Hello people! 

DesuCruise was held from the 21st to 23rd of August on board M/S Silja Symphony. It wasn't really a con; more like a gathering of weird and cool people between Finland and Sweden. Shiro Samurai attended the DesuCruise panels and I tagged along without attending any of the programs because they were all in Finnish. </3
But let me tell you about this experience!

But first, have a ship. :'D
As ever, our journey started one day before. Ah, the joys of living far up in the North... Oh well, you get used to crossing Finland in a night train. This is exactly what we would do between Wednesday and Thursday. First, we needed to take the bus to Kemi, so we checked and double-checked that there was a bus leaving during the evening and once we were sure of this we dragged our suitcase through the whole town. When we arrived at the central bus station we checked the departure times and there... THE HORROR. There was no bus going to Kemi!
We tried not to panic and after a moment we left the bus station. We headed to the old bus station in Finland, which is supposedly no longer in use. Terrific moment: our bus wasn't leaving from here either. The way to the bus station was even blocked so that no one could drive in front of the building. We were starting to be really scared that there would be no bus!
We found some bus stop in town and set on camping there, crossing fingers and toes for good luck. It started raining. We were freezing. The bus wasn't coming. It should have been there five minutes ago already. What if there was no bus? Imagine we would miss the train, then miss the ship! It was very scary and I was trying hard not to panic. I kept repeating that there would be a bus. And finally, our prayers to the cosplay gods were heard.

Never in my life have I been happier about seeing a bus.
Yeah because if you wonder, it was past 7pm and this was the last bus for today. If we missed it, we were done for. :'( But the bus had come, and it felt really good to be in it!

Once in Kemi, we bought provisions from Lidl, ate in a nearby Hesburger con food, here I come! and then walked to the bus station to mold in there until our train arrives. 
In the train we played some Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite until we ran out of battery. But we still felt like playing so I had to move to another cart to charge my PSP. (I don't understand why buses have electric plugs under each seat while trains have maximum 4 per cart.) It had gotten pretty late and people were sleeping in interesting positions. Most of the time, they lay on two seats and ended up with their feet in the alley, creating a diverse (and slightly smelly) feet assortment.

Shiro Samurai is contributing to the feet assortment. ;)
But some people can't lie on two seats. What's more, they have problems sleeping when the light is too bright. Some have sleeping masks, some use a sleeve of their jacket... some use the curtain. 

Like the curtain guy. Who was also drooling in his sleep. such quality, wow
Oh, and something weird happened to me while I was charging my PSP in another cart. I was trying to sleep, without much success. One of my feet turned into meat because it was stuck under the arm rest (I was lying on two seats) and I woke up in a haze of lag and diverse pains. Then, a random guy who was lying on the close-by three seats started talking to me in a language I didn't understand. I was like I said very laggy and I'm so used to people talking to me in Finnish that I mumbled "Sorry I don't understand Finnish." The guy smiled very slightly and switched to English immediately. He asked me if I was leaving the train (I think we were in Tampere because I was smelling the Tracon smell. 8D) and then said something that he had lost a lot of blood and so it was hard for him to move. He asked me if I could go to the restaurant cart and get some water for him. Then he handed me his bank card and gave me the code.
I went and did as he had asked while the "WTF" was spinning in my brain. I noticed on the way that it was a Russian bank card... which probably explained the smile when I thought he was speaking Finnish. *le facepalm* I absolutely don't mix up Finnish and Russian so don't chase me with torches and lances, okay? D': He was speaking in a very low voice too.
After giving him his water and returning the bank card, I went to sit next to Shiro Samurai again and told him about the Russian guy. He was as puzzled as me. Seriously, why am I always the one bumping into people who need help? Not like I complain, though.
This, my friends, was only the first episode of Attack on Russian. 


The night went by almost without sleep, as always in trains. We were almost in Helsinki when Shiro Samurai had an awkward moment. It was about half past eight in the morning and the train cart was dead silent. Obviously, it was the perfect moment for him to fart loudly. I swear everyone in the same cart could hear it clearly. XD It struck us so funny that we laughed to tears. Farts always choose the most glorious moments to sound. x)
Eventually the train arrived in Helsinki with a slight delay. When we left the train I happened to see the Russian guy; I was actually relieved to see that he was alive. Yeah, he looked very sick. OTL

Our first view of Helsinki was a Hesburger. Welcome to the capital city of Finland! :'D Please take a seat and have a burger.

No possible mistake: this is Helsinki's train station. (main entrance)
Ehem. Shiro Samurai and I found our way to the harbor area. Helsinki is a gorgeous city, really. It has huge buildings with pretty architecture; some even look like castles! The harbor is very nice too - there is a market where you can buy souvenirs and Finnish food (smoked fish & reindeer, northern berries, salmon soup...). It's swarming with tourists and everything is overpriced. I wonder if there's a connection. :'D

Food feat. fish head...
More souvenirs... and so on. x)
We headed pretty directly to the nearby ship terminal where we left our suitcase in the luggage room. Then we walked back to the market and spent forever trying to find the tent that sold the cheapest food because we were starving. :'D Eventually our hunt for food was rewarded; Shiro Samurai got himself a very yummy-looking waffle and I bought a toast. 

TOAST. NOW.  I was tired okay...
After eating something we went back to the ship terminal to mold there for a while. several hours We also checked the indoors market (market hall? Whatever.) on the way.

Chocolate fishes! <3
And we continued to the terminal.

Soon, my love... not.
I bought cheap coffee too! <3 When everything is overpriced, coffee for 1€ is luxury. We played Monster Hunter to kill time and monsters. When the time for departure was approaching, we got our suitcase back and went into the bathroom to try to conceal eye bags. And put on some make-up over the eye bags too. Eye bags took half our faces, approximately. I also put on a wig but Shiro Samurai didn't bother.
And finally it was time to board the ship! :'D

At the terminal.
Boarding time, boarding time!
I looked like this. ~
I had never been on a cruising ship before and everything I could see was amazing! It was hard to believe that it was actually a ship instead of a building in a big city. 

Main deck.
... that's some stilts.
Moomin! :'D
But first, Shiro Samurai and I went to our cabin to leave most our stuff there. It took us a while to find the right elevator because only 2 of them (out of the numerous elevators on board) would take us to the right deck... aka under the two car decks. We had taken one of the cheapest possible cabins and we were pretty much at water level. Yeeeeeeeee. It was a bit scary though. 

Our cabin. I'm face-censoring. x)
We ate some of our provisions in the cabin and then went on the main deck to watch the ship depart. It was very impressive! And even on the main deck (7th deck) we were really high up. I enjoy being in high places so I was very happy to be there and watch the harbor as the ship left. <3 

Bye bye, Helsinki. ~
Soon enough Shiro Samurai left to attend the DesuCruise panels. We had gone to our cabin before and I took off my wig there. When I was out on the deck the wind kept blowing the wig into my eyes. :( It wasn't only annoying because it blocked my vision; it was also painful. You fellow cosplayers know how much it hurts when you're wearing contact lenses and you get some wig fibers into your eyes... It feels like a needle in the eye, really. :'(
So without my wig I went back on the deck and watched the landscape until I could barely see Helsinki's harbor in the distance. It was very nice and comfy! After this I went to troll on the 11th deck, found a comfortable seat and took out my lagtop. :'D There was no Internet of course.
But as I was typing something in my corner, some random older woman came to sit across me and started talking to me in a language I couldn't understand at all. It didn't sound like anything, really. I said I didn't understand and she tried to get some English out but it was very poor. She asked where I was from and she didn't understand when I said Sweden. OTL She kept talking and at some point she said something about Vladivostok. Then it hit me that she was the second episode of Attack on Russian in person. It also explained why I couldn't understand a shit to what she was trying to tell me. O_o I have heard Russian before but her language sounded different; more "broken". I guess this is how they speak in the other end of Russia?
She left after a while, leaving me a bit "WTF" after this beautiful dialogue of deaf persons. It was almost time for the end of the panels so I went back to the cabin (it took me a while to find my way OTL) and bumped into Shiro Samurai on the way. He told me about getting a power-up as soon as one takes off clothes so I believe that the panels were very ~herp derp~. I wish I could have attended!
After the panels, both Shiro Samurai and I were starving. We agreed that it was time for dinner (read: time to go to the buffet and eat like pigs) but first we wanted to wear something a bit flashier. I put on a purple skirt, black stockings and a black top. I had violet shoes and violet contacts too. I didn't put my wig back on but I straightened my hair instead. (This way, the bangs looked close enough to those on the wig, lol.) Shiro Samurai took much longer but oh damn it was worth it. He looked amazing! <3
Ehem. We headed for the buffet, just to realize that it was closed. We had come less than five minutes too late. F*CK. We were so hungry that we were likely to start chewing on each other's clothes soon. Not like there would have been much to do though. *glances at Shiro Samurai*
Eventually we went into one of the other restaurants (we spent time scouting for "normal" food because we don't know anything about luxury food that is served on board, oops) and ended up eating meatballs. Not the delicious buffet we had been waiting for all day, but it's not like it was bad either. It had too few veggies for my taste though. 
As soon as we could roll out of the restaurant we went down the stairs... To the Tax Free Market! :'D Where all your candy dreams come true! <3

Moomins are everywhere, I swear. <3
We didn't buy a lot, only some jelly beans and liquorice. We didn't stay much longer because the shop would close soon so we went back to our cabin and got ready to chill, game and eat candies. 
It didn't go as planned. 
Of course, I had to get seasick. *facepalms* I wasn't very sick but I was still feeling bad and it got worse when I tried to stand so I was camping on Shiro Samurai's bed. At one point I got really tired of always feeling like puke was on the way - this was spoiling our gaming night! So I asked Shiro Samurai if he could go with me to the nurse's office so that I could ask for some help. 
Oh, and one thing! On the lowest deck (aka where we had our cabin) you could feel the waves much clearer. I think this might be why I was feeling bad because I have no problem when the sea is calm. It was funny despite the sick feeling though because the ship kept moving under our feet. We walked like we were drunk or something. XD 
There was no one at the nurse's office so we went to the main deck and I went to the info desk. I was handed a small pill, which I wasn't too happy about. (read: I choke on the smallest pills. :< ) But I could take it anyway (after a long struggle) and started feeling slightly better and very tired. We tried to play some Monster Hunter but failed our quest because I kept falling asleep between each demon dance. :<


Morning was so nice. The beds in a ship are super comfortable, the blanket is all warm and the mattress is surprisingly soft. You just don't want to get out of bed. :'D But it was morning, which I was brutally reminded of when Shiro Samurai put on the light. Not into the pit, it BURRRRRRRRRRRRRNS my eyes.
Ahem. When we went to eat breakfast. 

I don't even.
The ship was in Stockholm so it was pretty much deserted. It looked very empty. Stores were closed; we were almost the only ones trolling around. We went outside the ship and admired the full boredom of Stockholm: you couldn't get anywhere without taking the bus. I wasn't keen on spending money on the bus and neither was Shiro Samurai. It's a shame because I wouldn't have minded seeing Stockholm. Maybe another time. 
Obviously enough we didn't go with the DesuCruise groups who went around in Stockholm, haha. We went back to the ship instead because the terminal was kinda boring too... There was a cafeteria that also sold souvenirs, but everything was so overpriced that it wasn't even funny. Yeah, even the Piggelin ice cream. Understand my despair. The souvenirs were cool though but I didn't buy any. 

They had a nom-nom fish though.
Back on board we just went around and took pics (that goes for Shiro Samurai only). Being on a ship gives you this relaxed and comfy feeling so it was a very pleasant stroll. We didn't go to the SPA - I didn't have a swimsuit and didn't want to borrow one. :< It'll be for another time. We went on the sun deck (12th) and stared at the landscape for a while. We were really, really high up! :'D I said high up, not high. 

Stockholm in the distance.
12th deck, aka Sun deck.
Back on the main deck we played on some of these claw crane machines and tried to get a plushie. The thing with these is that the claw doesn't "clench" at every game; only once every X games. We tried to figure out how many games X was for this one, but we gave up because it was over 8.

Cash stealer.
We went into Silja Land (kids corner) and took some pics. It was deserted. :'D We also played some games and watched some Swedish dub of a cartoon. I could understand pretty much of it, but Shiro Samurai had to translate some jokes/more complicated words for me. It was comfy in there though!
But seriously... Why is there an age limit to play in the pirate ship or in the bubble pool? D': My body hits the age limit but my mind doesn't so why can't I go? It's unfair. I'll pout. (Same debate as the hoppborg.) 

Not too old.
I couldn't resist the urge to do a double 8 knot. (read: climbing knot)
I can has mega-fish? :'D
We also checked the PlayStation Lounge and remained stuck for way too long watching Alfons Åberg (classic Swedish cartoon), oops. Well at least I could understand this. :') It was surprisingly good okay?

There would be more panels after the ship departs from Stockholm so Shiro Samurai and I went back to the cabin before this. He got ready before me (read: changed into cosplay) and headed for the panels. I changed to cosplay while he was there; since I was done before the panels ended I went to troll on the sun deck alone. I played some Monster Hunter there but I had the feeling that people were staring at me... I wonder why... I mean, isn't it normal to dress like a Japanese schoolgirl and wear a lot of make-up? :'D
I met Okita-senpai, I mean Shiro Samurai outside the conference room after the panels. It didn't take long before we went to the buffet - missing it a second time was out of the question. :<

Here we come!
The dinner is quite expensive so you need to make it worth the money; in other words, eat until the food comes out through the ears. :'D And it's an easy thing to do because everything is delicious. They have many different types of food, from veggies to meat to cheese and fish... and the best desserts ever. <3 If you have a sweet tooth, half your dinner will be desserts, just saying. They also had sushi! ZOMG! They were so good. :'3

Okita-senpai found miso soup and gave me some. :')
Desserts. :'D
Nom. :'3
We sat and ate for like forever until we could barely roll our way out of here. It was hard to finish our desserts! One tasted exactly like Solero ice cream gone mousse cake. After the dinner we went to the Tax Free Market and bought more sweet stuff! :'D

Shortly after the shops closed the ship stopped in Mariehamn, Åland. We rushed on the deck to try to see a bit of Åland but it was very dark so the pictures Shiro Samurai could snap don't show much. :( Oh well, it was still cool to make out shapes in the night and think that "Oh damn, we're in Åland right now!"

Åland's harbor. Dat ship. 4 masts. Wow.
I was pretty cold on the deck because it was night duh and as ever, windy like hell. We came back inside soon enough and randomly went to Atlantis bar just to see what it's like. Neither Shiro Samurai nor me drink alcohol because there are very very few that we actually like. (And my body can't take alcohol for sh*t, hahahah.) We happened to go in there just when a show called Insomnia started - and I'm really happy that Shiro Samurai thought about going to the bar just at this moment. The show blew my mind all the way to Iceland and their volcanoes. 

After the show we went back to our cabin. Our hands were hurting from clapping so much and we kept talking about the dancers and singers and how woah they were. <3
We prepared to chill but I was feeling slightly sick again so I went to the info desk and was given another pill. This time it went just fine after taking it (except that I almost chocked on the f***er) and I was able to eat candies. <3 We went to bed soon enough because we were sh*t tired.


We woke up shortly before someone knocked at our door and opened it, scaring the sh*t out of me. We had overslept and the ship had arrived in Helsinki! We hurried to pack our stuff though I wasn't fast enough for Shiro Samurai's taste and headed out for some breakfast. I bought a bun and said that I could let Shiro Samurai taste a bit of it, but there was a misunderstood somewhere and he thought I would split it in two and share. Ooops, sorry. :( I hope I can find the same kind of bun again one day because it was so good!
But all good things have an end (including the bun) and so we had to leave the ship. :'( We went to the terminal and it looked like we were the last ones to leave, oops. 
We molded in the terminal for a while, then headed for the train station. I was hallucinating waves all the time so I probably looked a little bit drunk. :') While we walked through the streets of the capital, we heard some pleasant melody; someone was playing on some kind of xylophone.
And here comes the third episode of Attack on Russian!
These three Russians didn't attack anyone though; they were playing their xylophones and they were good! Something good actually comes from Russia! Not only Titans. 
At the train station, we ate in a Hesburger again (we have coupons so it's cheap :'D) and trolled around in a close-by shopping center. I saw a random girl who was dressed in Lolita style, ZOMG! :'D My life is complete now! Can I do the same thing? <3
Ehem. There was a super cool alternate clothing & accessories store in there too; I went to check stuff but didn't buy anything. There was a very pretty T-shirt with a carp but it was a man's T-shirt and it was way too big for me. I tried to brainwash Shiro Samurai into buying it, but it wasn't very effective...
After some more molding in the train station, our train finally came. During all the molding I had been a perfect retard and kept checking the train times... for the arriving trains, of course. *facepalm*
Eventually we boarded the train and it was time for a loooooong ride back. I barely slept around two hours or so.


... I know, I know, DesuCruise is over already. But I still need to tell you about our funny (?) adventures before we got back home. 
Our train arrived in Kemi and we zombi'd our way out. I was so tired it wasn't even funny. We went straight to the bus station to check how long we would have to mold before we could ride a bus home but...
It was Sunday.
It was around seven in the morning. 
The first bus left Kemi at 17:15.
3, 2, 1... DESPAIR.
We were stuck in Kemi for the day, exhausted and with a mountain of stuff to drag with us. For a moment we considered taking a taxi but none of us had enough money to pay for the ride. We sat outside the bus station and started counting our coins, checking if we could even pay for the bus. The answer was: yes, of course. We could afford one bus ticket for both of us. But even this took us some time to realize because brains weren't working. We were counting our coins and at one point I couldn't coint right anymore. *shot*
Time was going by very slowly. We decided to go mold in the train station pain station because we could camp inside the building. The bus station was only open on weekdays, of course. And at least the train station strain station had a free bathroom... though only the men's bathroom was clean. The women's bathroom had something disgusting stuck in the sink (and I mean disgusting, it was some rotten alien!). In the handicapped bathroom, some retard had put the paper roll vertically instead of horizontally, so it was stuck and no one could get a single piece of paper. The day looked like it would be so bright. not 
At some point when we were sitting on a bench in the train station, a random man arrived on a bike and came inside. It didn't take long before we struck a chat; he was kind, cool and very educated. It was a lovely surprise, really. Kemi train station is the home for all homeless spurgus (read: drunk and possibly homeless person, sadly often male) so meeting a funny and knowledgeable traveler felt like a big, sweet and tasty treat. Yeah, I was hungry and the nearby Lidl would only open at twelve. It was eight. We talked with this guy for hours. We also shared some of our candies with him and he gave us some chocolate in exchange. <3 He was very very fond of our jelly beans, huehuehue. 
He could speak many many different languages, including my mother tongue. He didn't resist the temptation of talking to me in this language (Shiro Samurai couldn't understand.) The opposite was true as well; when these two spoke Finnish, I didn't understand anything. Seemingly I missed quite the stuff too. 
After twelve Shiro Samurai and I walked to Lidl to buy something to eat. I was so hungry that my stomach was slowly disappearing into the void. We bought some bread-based food as well as drinks and the usual, huge and tasty Lidl cinnamon buns. We ate our breads (which were surprisingly good) and went back to the train station pain station strain station. 
The guy we had talked with was still here but he had fallen asleep on a bench. He was also snoring reeeeaaaaally loudly so we instantly nicknamed him Snore guy

He slept until we left so we didn't get to talk more. :( Oh well it was nice to meet him! 
I was also very tired and even sleeping on a bench started feeling like it wouldn't be a bad idea, after all... But I have my pride, so I didn't do it. I still tried, but Shiro Samurai was taking stalker pics, I felt like a spurgu... and the snoring was keeping me awake. 

Spurgu style. >:
Before riding the bus back home we walked through town to scout for some food. We found a restaurant and decided that we wanted pizza. We agreed on sharing the pizza because they are usually too big to be eaten alone; and it's cheaper to share. There came the problem: it was impossible to agree on which pizza we wanted. Shiro Samurai definitely wanted mushrooms, which I'm not fond of. I can eat them but I don't especially enjoy it. I wanted bell peppers because I love them but Shiro Samurai dislikes them so we kept trying to get the other to take either shrooms or peppers. When the waitress came for the third time to ask if we had decided yet, Shiro Samurai explained our problem. 
And guess what happened? :'D

We got special pizza! <3 Without extra cost either. We'll definitely come back in this restaurant, huehuehuehuehue. The pizza was good too! 

But after this it was finally time for our bus. It came late so we were scared it wouldn't come... again. I found a bank note in my wallet and paid for both tickets so that we could go home. :') We walked through town and froze but we came back alive and well. Yay!

Basically I had my DesuCruise without "Desu", oops. I did see the DesuCruisers though so I got con vibes several times! (People wearing wigs or geeky stuff, like this one green "cape" thing of the Scouting Legion huehuehue.) . But it was a lot of fun anyway! I hope you people didn't get too bored reading my post... OTL  
But that's it for this last DesuCruise in history! *tears* See you next time! ~


Bonus pics 

I was arrested! for being too small 

... almost makes me want to drink it. Almost.