Monday, September 15, 2014

Lens review: Vassen Lollipop Red


I just came back from the 9th edition of Tracon - but before I write my summary, I will give you a little piece of candy... a red lollipop. It shows I'm tired, doesn't it? :'D

You know what this is? *cracky smile*
Another lens review! What you mean, I like doing these?
This time it's the Vassen Lollipop Red's turn! They also go under the name I.Fairy Cara Red. I was very drawn to these because of their design, and also because I really wanted red contacts. It's my first pair of red lenses. (Why do I buy my first red ones so late? D< ) I decided to wear them on the 7th of September because I had put them to soak in solution on the previous day. I happened to be trying on my vampire fangs (of the Scarecrow brand) on the same day so I got in the "vampire" mood and did some creepy make-up too! <3
But first, pictures of the bottles. Diameter is 14.5mm and base curve is 8.6mm, pretty usual.

Photographer is Shiro Samurai.

The left lens is on the "right" side; the right lens is on the "wrong" side.
One lens in. ~
Now is the time... warning for creepy make-up! ;)

Taken in normal room light, facing the window. It's cloudy...
Taken indoors, with flash.
The oh so hated bathroom light...
Taken outdoors, with the flash, in the evening. It's still cloudy...
Still outdoors, without flash. The sun doesn't want to come.
Taken under a lamp in the stairs. Yellow light. :<
Taken in the corridor, right under a lamp with white-ish light.

Fake selfie. 8D
From a distance. I have fangs. :'D
So... I like these a lot, but I was a bit disappointed comfort-wise. Don't get me wrong, they are comfortable to wear but lately I've only worn very comfy contacts (like the EOS New Adult Brown and I.Fairy Tofi Gold) so I felt a difference. I felt them slightly in my eyes. Also the pupil hole is fairly small so I was seeing red corners pretty often. At times it was a bit of a hinder for my vision. These contacts move easily in my eyes too - half my vision goes red for a split-second when I blink.
But they are still comfortable to wear for several hours in a row, and I barely felt them in my eyes. 
They are very bright and they look obviously red even in bad light so you'd better have some appropriate make-up. ;) 

In short: 

Color: 10/10
You can see in any light that they are bright red. The pupil hole doesn't let any of your eye color show either!
Opacity: 9/10
Not 100% opaque but they still cover your eye color. I assume they look slightly darker on brown eyes.
Design: 10/10
Woah. It's bright, it's filled with sparkles, it screams FABULOUS at you!
Enlargement: 8/10
Pretty good enlargement. :)
Comfort: 7/10
As I wrote you can wear them for a while but the red corners are slightly annoying and give a small restriction of my vision at times. I feel them in my eyes, but it's very slight so it's not really a problem.
Naturalness: 0/10
The only natural thing about these is that I still have eyes... ._.

This concludes my vampire-ness! I'll turn back into a mortal now, bye! ~

Psst... psst! I've heard that these are cheaper on Lens Village! Is it true?

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  1. These are so cool! 8D Very vibrant and noticeable - I totally want to try the green ones now omigosh!