Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lens review: EOS Max Pure Gray

Hi everyone! :) 

A few months ago I received a package filled with new lenses. <3 Among them was this gray pair, which I opened in the beginning of December. I popped them in my eyes on the morning before going to school but as soon as the right lens was in my eye I felt discomfort. I took it out, cleaned it and tried again. It wasn't any better. I tried cleaning it again but I felt no improvement. I was starting to get worried (and also late for school). On the 4th try it still felt like it was scratching my eye so I gave up on wearing it; I put both lenses back in the lens case and ran to school. 
A few days later I carefully inspected the right lens and I could see some imperfection on it. It confirmed my suspicion that it was a defective lens and so I contacted the site I bought them from. I got a pretty slow but very kind reply. I asked for a replacement pair but they didn't have the power for my left eye in stock. The left lens hadn't given me any problem so I asked if I could have only the right lens. The answer was yes and all I had to do was to destroy the defective lens and send a picture of it for proof. It was kinda sad to split a lens in two but I couldn't wear it anyway. ^^; 
Which leads me to say: don't ever wear lenses that hurt your eyes or feel uncomfortable. If you feel pain that doesn't go even after cleaning the lens, don't wear it. Contact the site that sold you the lens and work this out. People will be friendly and happy to help you! 

On the 27th of December I got a small package in the mail. It was my one and only right eye lens! I put it to soak in solution as soon as possible so I got to wear it on the following day. <3 I was really eager to wear this pair because as far as I had seen when I only had the left lens in my eye, the Max Pure Gray looked pretty good on me. :)
And so finally the time had come. On the 28th I woke up early-ish, put on both lenses and didn't feel any pain or discomfort! Hurray! <3 I put on make-up and a winter school uniform and got my photographer out of bed for review pics. Just like last time, we had a rather tight timing to take the lens pics because of polar night; the sun rises really late and sets really early. 

Before I show pics, here is some quick info on the lenses:
The diameter is 14.5mm.
The base curve is 8.8mm.
I don't know about the water content because it seemingly isn't written on the bottles. 

On to the pics now! <3 As per usual, colors are completely unedited.
Photographer is Shiro Samurai.

Bottles pic.
I can see the lenses floating...
The one on the right shows "wrong" side.
The light is bad and my make-up has walked away, but it's just to show enlargement.
This was taken indoors, in not-so-good light in the corridor.
Taken in the stairs, light definitely isn't the best.
Taken outdoors during winter time. I'm turning my back to the light.
Outdoors, facing the light.
Outdoors, half-turned toward the light.
Outdoors, flash pic.
Indoors, under horrible yellow light. :C
Indoors, facing a window in the stairs.
Indoors, usual room light during winter.
Side way glance indoors.
Flash pic indoors.
Bathroom light.
It turned out surprisingly clear...
And now some pics from a distance! <3

Fake selfie! ;p
And full-body.
So... you will notice the snow in the background and how naked my legs are. I just want to say that there was around -18°C out there when we took the pics. Usually I have no problems with the cold but when my legs are almost naked it's a completely different matter! TT^TT
I froze a little bit.
But my photographer was very quick so we rushed inside as soon as possible. The small hairs inside my nose had frozen and I could feel them when I breathed in. XD
If you wonder, the blue vest is made by my mum. She's the best. <3

As far as the lenses' color is concerned, I'm really happy! My eyes already have a color that is close to grey so the lenses blend almost perfectly. They look flattering on my eyes and give me this really cool look. <3 Color-wise and size-wise they are rather natural but the very thick dark outer ring counters this a bit. Not like I think it's bad, I really love it. <3 It makes the gray stand out more.
Comfort-wise, I wasn't bothered by the 8.8 curve at all. It seemed like my eyes were very slightly red when I take them off but it doesn't hurt or anything. It feels a bit different from other lenses when I take them out; there is some kind of short-lived discomfort or weird feeling (after I took off the lenses). That's all the difference I notice between 8.8 and 8.6 base curve. Otherwise, I have no problems in the world putting them on.


Just comparing lenses. The one on the right is Vassen Dori Pink and I personally think it appears slightly bigger. The picture is taken with flash, by the way.

In short:

Color: 7/10
These have a pretty shade. :)
Design: 8/10
I absolutely love the very dark outer ring. <3
Opacity: 8/10
Fairly opaque but the pupil hole is big so they blend with my natural eye color in the middle.
Enlargement: 7/10
Enlarging but not obviously unnatural either.
Comfort: 8/10
They're pretty comfy! They start drying out after about five hours though so you should have eye drops at hand if you want to wear them for a longer time.
Naturalness: 6/10
The thick limbal ring kinda crashes the naturalness but that's okay. :'D

Bye-bye for now! ~


  1. These look surprisingly natural on you despite the big size! They fit your natural eye color and blend flawlessly, giving your eyes a really pretty look - good choice! ;)

  2. These looks great on you and really blend well with your nautral eyes! *3* I have tried the brown ones from the same series! I am very tempted to try these gray ones now x3 Lovely review btw!

    1. Thank you! :)
      Have you done a review of the brown ones? Do you have any pics?
      I'm also interested in the brown ones; actually I wanted to buy them but they were out of stock so I rolled with the gray ones. x'3

    2. I dont unfortunately never did a review on them I just remember they are in the color hazel not brown ( I brought them of honeycolor) I do have some on my instagram but they rather -bad- pics...:/
      I will try to buy them again thou in the future and to review on them c: