Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chizuru in the snow ~

Hey guys!
I had a snow bunny and snow outside, I had to do snow cosplay! I had been waiting for such an occasion for weeks, but it wasn't snowing enough. Yesterday there was just the right amount of snow and I begged asked my stepdad to take pics for me!
It was getting dark rather fast so all the pics are taken with flash. They needed editing as such and Valkoinen Samurai did all the editing for me, thank you! <3 I suck at Photoshoping pictures. OTL
 Sorry about the fail on every pic, namely my wristbands but they're too tight for me to take them off and even if I could I wouldn't do it. ^^;
My brother was with me when I cosplayed and he made fun of me saying I'd get sick from cosplaying in kimono in this cold. I said it wasn't cold. Today he's sick and I have the same mild cold I already had before the photoshoot. *trollface*
Oh well time for pics spamming ^_^ 

  le snow bunny <3

 Saitou, I have something for you. XD

 What's with that smile seriously...

 I lost the sense of touch here. No joke. 

 Look at my feet. There was a fair amount of snow.

 I really like this glass bottle.

After the photoshoot we went in a store because bro wantd to, and I went with him in cosplay. People made fun of me which made me angry and sad. Seriously, what's the problem with "not being dressed normally"? I don't mind stares, but I mind people laughing at me. 

That's it, bye ~

Snow bunny

Yesterday I was bored and a weird idea struck me in the afternoon. It's Hakuouki-related of course.
Remember that Saitou and Chizuru thing?

Pic from Zerochan.

I decided I would make my own bunny! :'D 
I'm only a beginner for whatever concerns sewing so I drew plans before cutting out fabric pieces. I used soft plushy fabric, I don't know what it's called in English but it's funny and it totally looks like snow to me. 

Let's begin with the start, or start with the beginning. Fabric pieces. 

I wanted to use the smaller piece to make the bottom of the bunny and the larger to shape it like a "dome" over it or I don't know how to explain... OTL 
So I started pinning it... it was an interesting experience. 

... no
I didn't really know how to do this because sewing something incurved isn't easy in the first place and for a beginner like me it was close to hell... It took many tries. 
 Ewww certainly not! 
 I had to admit I was crap at sewing. I did one attempt of stuffing the bunny and it looked nice but my seam wasn't good and I had to undo it all. In the end mum helped me finishing it *shot* 

Eyes sewn.

I took small pearls for the eyes and mum showed me how to get them sewn neatly. For the ears I used thick fabric and glued two layers of it to make thicker ears, I didn't want to have floppy ears/leaves/things. I tried to draw the leaves "lines" with a fabric pen but it looked awful so I sewed them, with mum's help. It was hard but looked very nice in the end! 
 Leaves + ears = lears. 

Sewn on le bunny.

So I pretty much suck at sewing because mum finished it for me. OTL I have to try harder next time! 

 So this is a snow bunny. Cute, isn't it? ^_^ 

And this cute little thing will become a cosplay prop hohoho ~

Friday, January 4, 2013

More Chizuru cosplaying!

Hi hi !
So today as promised I cosplayed Chizuru with my friend as photographer. It was a nice photoshoot although it was slightly cold and the place we were in wasn't the best. At some point a big spider climbed on my hand and I couldn't help but scream because I'm scared of spiders and this one wasn't exactly little. I managed not to let fear get to me and went on cosplaying so it was not that bad, but still not cool... ^^;
Ah, also pretty much all photos contain a fail, namely the two wristbands I'm wearing but they're Brazilian bracelets which means they're tied tight round my wrist and I can't take them off. Sorry about them photobombing all the time but there was no way to hide them either.

Time for photospamming now ;)

Sword ~ ^_^

Chizuru actually drawing her sword? O_o

I challenge you! (OOC)

Clouded sky, clouded heart...

 Ooooh funny plant!

 Epic breeze here.

 Like a dried flower...



Ah, I love wearing hakama! ... so much I'm still wearing Chizuru's clothes. I only took off my wig because it was being annoying but right now I'm sitting in half-cosplay <3 
Hmm that's it for now, bye everyone :)  

Chizuru's sword

Okay, I've been super lazy and really busy with university lately but I finally decided to finish Chizuru's sword I had started working on months ago. A friend of mine comes to my place tomorrow and we'll cosplay so I had to finish le sword in one day :'D
I had done a first try for the blade but had screwed it up >_<

Plan of attack.

 I first wrapped paper round the blade to make it 20% cooler (I so don't know how to explain that) and started doing color tries with the paint. I found some metallised gold paint and mixed it with brown to make it darker, I ended up with a pretty copper-ish color that fit just well for the 20% cooler part.
I then mixed yellows with brown and white but didn't get the perfect color so I just rolled with dark-ish yellow for the handle. While the handle was drying I painted the tsuba black. No complicated colors mixing here XD 

Tsuba close-up, sorry that piece of cloth I used to avoid staining the table is dirty...

 Fresh paint. The fight is not over yet. 

 I waited for the paint to dry (read : I played with my brother and friends for a while and met my dad) and then did tsukamaki (handle wrapping) myself using a method I learned on the Internet... ^^
I have no picture of tsukamaki progress because I was in a hurry so here's the finished version, after I battled with the evil tsuba for a while

 I re-painted the blade too and mum helped me with that red tie-thingy (I first couldn't find anything fitting for that and considered using a shoelace until mum came up with a better idea.)

I still need to make a scabbard but that won't be as easy; for tomorrow the sword will do! 
Bye ^_^