Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!
I was too lazy and too unskilled with my own computer to make a proper "cosplay year summary" post so I will only wish you all a very happy new year! May this year shine upon us all with the light of motivation so that we won't be lazy and won't procrastinate our cosplay work! Not gonna happen.
2013 is very special for me because my life has changed so much during this year; I have moved to Scandinavia, I have cosplayed here and attended cons here. It's an adventure that I enjoy very much and so I wish for this to go on in 2014 and many coming years.

Have at least the list of the cons in which I was seen trolling around in 2013! Because I'm not that lazy, right?
- Animecon X (13th-14th of July, Kuopio), where I met my twin Chizuru, Sairu-chan, as well as Ri-tan <3 I also met CissyDella a wild Ahri appears!! ~
      Animecon was a wonderful experience for me. I had only been to a con once before (in France) and it was a specific con; Animecon was very different and as it was my first Scandinavian con I was really excited about it! It totally met my expectations and I was so happy about meeting people and being in the con atmosphere :'D I also made friends with Jäätynyt Enkeli, whom I was traveling with. And last but not least, Animecon was an amazing time with my boyfriend Valkoinen Samurai <3

- Oulun animeseminaari (17th-18th of August, Oulu duh)
     It was a smaller and nice con; the experience of a different kind of con was very appreciated and interesting. I met Sairu-chan again (yay!) and had very nostalgic feelings about cosplaying from Bleach again. DEM FEELS. It all had this chill feeling that's different from a big con like Animecon, but just as enjoyable.

- Tracon 8 (14th-15th of September, Tampere)
     Tracon was a blast. Period. I experienced a con held in a luxurious building, as well as sharing a room with con friends oh the derps, awesome photoshoots and a free paskahalvaus when a bloody Hijikata appeared... :'D I met my friends again and had a lot of fun, saw awesome cosplays and the whole con was basically filled with awesome! I was sad to go home at the end of it...

- Kemin mangapäivä (5th of October, Kemi DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH)
     It was a very small event but comfy nonetheless. It was mostly about hanging around with my friends; I was the odd one out in a Hakuouki cosplay group because I was cosplaying a normal version when everyone went SSL. Oh well it wasn't bad because the atmosphere was friendly ~ I met Jennysja and derped around with my other friends, it was nice!

- Chibicon (9th of November, Oulu)
     Chibicon was yet another kind of con because it was seemingly centered on one manga, which I haven't read. It was still nice because there were cool cosplayers and although it was cold it was enjoyable ~ The trip to the con and stay at Sairu-chan's place was actually just as interesting as the con and I regret nothing! >D

All of these cons took place in Finland (Thanks, captain Obvious :) ) but I will attend Swedish cons next year as well. I want to, because I can neither speak nor understand Finnish so I am a bit language-lost but I am better at Swedish :D

So see you all people in 2014, and I'm outta here before the year shifts!
Happy new year 2014 everyone! :D

Saturday, December 7, 2013

PMK!Okita test

I finally had a free day yesterday (been working a lot lately, blörgh) so I thought it would be time for some cosplay experiencing! My bad idea this time was to do some wounded!Okita version. I explain: I wanted to have my kimono loose but since I'm a girl, I had to come up with a trick to, y'know, hide some things. So I thought about wrapping my chest in bandages (in addition to usual binding, don't ever bind with only bandages!) to hide my binder.
One thing: binding only with bandages, even elastic ones (type Ace bandages) is DANGEROUS. I've done it once and put myself in danger because it was too tight, I had problems breathing and it started being very painful after some minutes. Don't ever do it, seriously.
This time, I used a proper binder and wrapped bandages over it, but it was just as dangerous. See, all I had was non-elastic bandages for some reason. Well, sure it looks historically accurate, and above all they are pure white (not the case with proper elastic bandages) but obviously, when you have a lot of them wrapped around your chest, it will block your breathing.
Sure it looked cool, and I could have my kimono open without having anything showing, but I started having problems breathing right away. I could only breathe shallowly and fast; breathing fully was possible but required some effort, and if I did not try hard enough I would cough and that's not funny when your breathing is limited to under half of your normal breathing ability.
I will still share the few pictures I could get (before the camera died) but whoever is reading this, please don't be as stupid as me. Don't use non-elastic bandages. I kept them on for under 1h and it was getting bad when I took them off though I could probably have waited longer before my body reached its limit.

Cosplayer: myself as Okita Souji from Peace Maker Kurogane
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

I wanted to faint after these pictures were taken and my photographer was not happy about all this so I quickly went to change out of cosplay.
One last detail: wrapping bandages around one's chest is very hard when you do it on yourself. Especially if one of your shoulders doesn't go as far as the other, as it is my case. derp
In any case, please don't do it. It's really dangerous. I had to be reckless to figure out... OTL
But I'm okay now so don't worry! I'm already thinking about something that would be safer.
Until I figure it out, see ya'! ~