Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kummacon 2015 summary: armors, StreetPass and chess

How's it going people? :) 

Here comes my (very late) summary for Kummacon, held in Oulu on the 14th of June. I'm this late for just one reason, which is that I started playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on 3DS and oh my, this game is a blast.
Anyways, I will do my best to keep my brain off monster hunting long enough to write this! :'D

Shiro Samurai and I traveled to Oulu already on the day before, Saturday 13th. We would be staying at his aunt's place, and since she is also quite the geek, a slightly longer stay was a big YES! On the first evening we talked Zelda games, played Zelda games and Monster Hunter, and I did my best to help Shiro Samurai's aunt with the StreetPass settings on her 3DS. It was funny because the 3DS and the Internet just would not cooperate, and we couldn't communicate so well since she mostly speaks Finnish. We made it work after some struggle. x) 
Shiro Samurai and I went to bed late after gaming late, and yet we couldn't afford to wake up late on the next day because we needed to get ready for the con. 

On the morning, Shiro Samurai kicked me out of bed a little before my alarm went off. I wasn't even feeling like putting on my fancy outfit, let alone go to the con, but there was no turning back and running away at this point! I felt a bit better once I actually had my dress on; the Lolita outfit sort of puts me in this kind of happy mood, it makes me feel like a little girl (and maybe a bit sugar hyped too).
I was ready before Shiro Samurai so I waited for him for a little while. Soon enough we could depart for the con.
Since I'm the kind of person to get lost on my way back home, I let him guide us to Valve, where the con was held. He knows Oulu better than I do anyway so I trusted him without even a doubt. I didn't think twice about it either. Of course, that's when we couldn't find the con building. We actually ended up near the library where Animeseminaari had (sadly) been held last year, and it took some extra walking before we made it to Valve. People were staring at us because we were sticking out a little bit, Shiro Samurai in kimono and myself in a Lolita dress. x) I didn't mind the walking at all, it was funny and the weather was good.

The objective is reached!
Valve seen from outside, with many bikes.
We soon arrived at the con and dived into the crammed-ness of Valve. Yes, the building is not that big so even a small crowd will fill it in no time. We went to check Artists' Alley first, which was in the main hall. Probably not the best location choice for the artists, but maybe the only possibility the organizers had. Anyways, as usual I saw pretty things but nothing that I was willing to buy. It always makes me feel awkward to see beautiful creations, be face-to-face with the artist but avoid their glance because I don't want to buy. Most usually I don't buy because of lack of cash and lack of space but I still can't help but feel bad for the artists who put time and energy in their work.

Artist's Alley.
In the Dealer's Hall, which was in the... hmmm... hall on the other side of the building, I didn't find anything I wanted to buy either. Okay, one table was filled with colorful and yummy-looking muffins and sweets but I controlled myself and refrained from buying any. I'm really trying to step down with candy for the sake of my health but when muffins look so yummy, it's hard. ;_;

Ngghghghgh... :C
Another table was covered in various manga, which I don't tend to care about. I never know which language the manga would be in, I'm too lazy to check, and I definitely don't have space at home for a manga collection. :C One day when I'm rich and famous, I'll buy a big house and dedicate a whole wall to manga collecting. Life goals.
The last big table was selling more diverse stuff, from mugs to posters to figurines. I saw a beautiful Iron Man figurine and I thought that my dad would probably be crazy over it. x) There was a nice Link figurine too, which fits perfectly into my current Legend of Zelda craze (slowly fading into Monster Hunter though) but I didn't consider buying it because... y'know, cash and space issues. :C

Dealer's Hall, kind of.
The only actual merchandise table.
I see ponies...
Oh, when we were in front of this table, Elsa asked for my photo! I was so happy that someone wanted a picture of me. <3 A little later, a person with white wings randomly came to me and said something that I partially understood. I recognized the word for "beautiful" so I tried to thank for the compliment but I got all shy, oops. Shiro Samurai had heard and translated for me, "Excuse me but you have a horribly beautiful dress." I found this funny and geeky so it definitely made my day! :D

After checking the Dealer's Hall, Shiro Samurai and I felt a bit like we had gone around and seen everything the con had to offer. It was a bit sad to get this feeling so early but hey, Kummacon is a small con after all. The building is crammed too so it doesn't exactly encourage one to stay when there is nothing new left to check. :/
We decided to sit and wait for our friends to come so meanwhile we checked our 3DS for StreetPass hits. We were surprised by how many people we got! You see, StreePass allows you to get a person's Mii when you pass them by. We both live in a small town with few geeks around so StreetPass are extremely rare, unless we meet a friend whom we know has a 3DS. But when we first checked out StreetPass hits at the con, we both had 10 Mii! A whole army of geeky avatars behind us! We played the StreetPass games, pretty mindblown that there were so many people with a 3DS around. Later the same day, we got twice as many Mii and even some more. It was amazing. <3

Valve's main hall, where panels where held.
This was when Sairu-chan showed up in company of her brother. I was so happy to see her! :'D She was cosplaying as Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. I haven't played the game myself but I've heard about it... and especially someone facepalming at the ridiculous translations in the French version. 
Anyways, more friends showed up and we chatted, it was comfy. Shiro Samurai would attend a panel but since there was time left before it started, we went to buy a drink. Back to the con, we drank Dr Pepper, ate some provisions we had and just waited for the panel to begin. I didn't attend of course but I know it was a panel about armors, held by this one guy who was walking around in a huge armor, he was really impressive.
Meanwhile Shiro Samurai extended his armor culture, Sairu-chan, her brother and another guy named Emil stayed with me and I played some Monster Hunter. I played story mode to show them the first encounter with one of the star monsters of this game: a black, blind wyvern named Gore Magala. Gore has long wings that drape its body like a cape of darkness, and it's constantly shedding its scales. It has quite the fangs too and seeing how much damage the hunter takes from just one bite... you really don't want to be eaten by this thing. I really love Gore Magala's design so I had to share it, and Sairu-chan approved. :'D I'd cosplay this thing.

Have a view on Kummacon's leaflet thingy.
Soon after the armor panel, we parted from Sairu-chan and went to town to eat. Our friend Karri was with us, as well as Emil. I absolutely didn't try to brainwash him into playing Monster Hunter. We went to eat at Rax, it was cheap but not really good if you ask me. ._. When we were all filled with mostly pizza, we went back to the con and walked around a little bit. We decided to sit down somewhere less crowded and play for a while. Karri had gone somewhere but we had found Sairu-chan and her bro again so we chatted and played while not-so-comfily sitting on the floor.
We were on the first floor so we could see the entrance and Artist's Alley from above.

Artist's Alley.
Stalker photo of my gaming time by Shiro Samurai.
After the gaming session we went outside again and walked to a nice park area close by. Shiro Samurai gave Sairu-chan a photoshoot, which Karri made his best to photobomb, it was hilarious. XD Karri also demonstrated his epicness by climbing up and down the stairs while crouching.

I sat and chatted with Emil when the others went to photoshoot a bit farther. Sitting down felt nice because my shoes were starting to hurt my feet pretty much. ._. It was comfy to talk, even though I didn't know Emil before. :)
When the others came back, Karri did another demonstration of his talents, namely Donald Duck's voice. It was amazingly well done. XD He also quoted a certain Finnish meme including Donald, shit and a lot of misspells. It was golden. x)
Our group was then led by Karri. We stumbled upon a bomb that was disguised as an exotic fruit, so we had to run away. (read:There was a random half watermelon sitting on top of a trash can and we pretended that it would explode.)
Karri guided us to a pub in which a friend of his was working. I didn't feel at ease at all, because pubs are among the very last places I would go to in a foreign town (or in a well-known town for that matter). I don't drink alcohol so I just didn't feel comfortable in there. Karri offered a game of chess and I accepted to be his opponent, which helped me relax a little. While we were playing, his friend came to watch and asked if I wanted a drink. After some hesitation, I ordered some coffee and I definitely didn't regret it because it was really good. :'3 Sairu-chan left shortly after we started playing though.

We have the best postures.
I'm actually pretty bad at chess, but since I sort of know the rules I don't say no to a game. Karri won, but I did my best to oppose some kind of resistance. x) It felt nostalgic to play chess again, last time I played was years ago. It was a really nice moment too. :)
We left the pub after the game, and returned to Valve to see if there was anything left of the con by this time. It turned out that people were just packing so we left and let Karri guide us back to Shiro Samurai's aunt's place. It took surprisingly long. No we didn't get lost.
When we got there, Karri stayed for a while and we all played Super Mario 3D World and ate chocolate, it was awesome. :'D
At last, Karri had to go because it was getting late. We said goodbye, but we hope to see him again soon... As in, very soon... As in, for Skecon maybe? :'D He said he'd try to go there and oh my, this would be perfect. <3

Yup yup, that's all for Kummacon! A small and comfy con, with friends and games! Thank you everyone for a nice day and bye-bye! <3

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kummacon 2015 plans!

Hello people! ^-^

This is just a quick post to tell you that I'm going to Kummacon. It's a new small event held in Oulu on the 14th of June. It's not the usual anime convention but rather an event for any geeky person, from LARP people to Star Wars fans and gamers. I'm happy to go to a more diverse event for a change! <3
I'm also always pleased to see that there are cons in the North after all. x)

I decided that I wouldn't wear cosplay for this event; instead I will roll with a sweet Lolita outfit. <3 Yes, it's my blue dress again. x) But I really like this outfit and it's comfortable and fairly easy to put on. The only rage part is that my socks keep rolling down. :( 

That's all I wanted to say! See you at Kummacon! <3
Bye-bye! :)