Thursday, August 13, 2015

NerdCon 2015 cosplay plans! crabs.

Hello everyone! :)

I know this is very late to write cosplay plans but well, I've had a lot of "real world" issues that got in the way. (Alien hordes eating all the cheese, for instance.) I even considered not writing this post at all, because today is the day before the con and I'm stress-packing. ._. But here it is anyway, yay! :'D
Anyways, NerdCon is an expanding con based in Umeå, Sweden. It's a con that isn't centered on just one fandom; there are plenty of things to do there! Like last year I'll be in the con crew, and this time I'm in the cleaning patrol. So watch out where you throw your trash. :C 
My cosplay plans are the following:

On Friday, I will cosplay as a Team Aqua grunt from Pokémon! I'm ridiculously excited about working in cosplay and being like "Yup, I'm a grunt who's broom-ing the corridors of our secret base... land crab." 

On Saturday, I won't cosplay but I will wear a school uniform and have an old school hairdo. (so much school going on...) Funnily enough, my school will start the Monday after the con, wish me luck. x) 

That's how it will be for me in NerdCon! 
I'm really hyped for this, so see you in Umeå! :'D